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New outtake photo of Johnny taken in 2016!

“Here’s a mosey back Monday photo I’ve never shared before – one from the time the Hollywood Vampires and Tim Burton visited Dracula’s Castle. At the time we had Robert Deleo on bass and Matt Sorum on drums. Great tour! The Vampires will be coming back to Europe next year, and hopefully elsewhere.” – Cereal Kyler on Instagram.

The photo was taken by Cereal Kyler, at Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle), in Romania, few days prior to their gig in Bucharest on their 2016 Tour. A similar photo taken few moments after/before was previously released in July 4, 2016


#fbf On Alcatraz Island when on tour W Hollywood Vampires , Went to see Whitey Bulger’s cell that Johnny Depp played brilliantly in the film Black Mass Al Capone and many other criminals were housed there. Only 3 men ever escaped the island but they never did find them and were possibly eaten by the massive Great White Sharks in San Fransisco bay photo by @cerealkyler

“#fbf (flashback Friday) – On Alcatraz Island when on tour with Hollywood Vampires, went to see Whitey Bulger’s cell that Johnny Depp played brilliantly in the film ‘Black Mass’.”  – wrote Matt Sorum ex-Hollywood Vampires drummer on Instagram.

Photo taken in July 21, 2016 by Cereal Kyler during the Hollywood Vampires’ Raise the Dead Tour in California.

I’m not going to be doing the Vampires this year, because I felt like I needed to get back into my own driver’s seat. That was fun. I like hanging out with those guys and Alice Cooper is a hero of mine, so is Joe Perry and I’ve known Johnny Depp since the ‘80s so it was great to get back and talk and hang out with him. He’s just a really great guy, super cool and intelligent, and good hanging out. That was fun and that’s going to be a nice little memory and piece of my life.

New photos by Suzanne Allison – Imperial Ball 2018.

Imperial Ball 2018!

“In honor of landing back in California just now, here’s a Swagger Back Sunday post from Hollywood Vampires tour, 2016. Here’s Johnny Depp and Matt Sorum before stepping on stage in California. Background is Joe Perry, Bruce Witkin, tour manager Jerry and Alice Cooper’s hair.”


Kyler Clark.