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“Depp’s avoided one kind of stereotyping, but he faces the opposite danger: Will he still be playing ‘kooks’ when he’s 40?” ~

Dan Yakir, from “Sky Magazine” (1994)

25 years ago, sometime in April 1994, Sky Magazine” published an interview where Johnny was interviewed by Dan Yakir, while “Gilbert Grape” was being screening in the USA. On the introduction for the interview, Dan wrote his thoughts about if Johnny would still playing “kooks” roles, and on the end of the interview he asked him:

“You’ve been called the ‘King of Quirky’. Will Johnny Depp ever play a normal person?”

And Johnny answered:
“I’ve been real lucky. People have mentioned that I like doing offbeat roles in some strange movies, but I’ve been lucky in the sense that I haven’t been typecast. It’s important to keep changing. There’s a lot of stuff that I just don’t buy into, like being an actor who takes himself so seriously that he pretends to be this tortured artist… I think that everybody has pain and an actor doesn’t necessarily have more of it than others.”

Thankfully he kept faithful to his words! Johnny turned 40 playing the eccentric character, “Captain Jack Sparrow”, and from time to time, keep playing the best and the most eccentric characters ever.

And we can’t wait for what comes next!
Stay weird Johnny!  

Ps: On the photos, Johnny’s age were placed according to the release date of the movies.


(Shh… Johnny is sleeping)


Today, March 15, we celebrate the World Sleep Day!
I wanna thank you all the support that all of you has been giving to Johnny. It’s been a great week spreading love and truth, and I’m sure that Johnny must be really happy.
So, I wish you all a good night (or a good morning and afternoon too) and enjoy taking some time to rest a little bit too.
Good Night Johnny!

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Johnny Depp’s movies have again crossed the 1 billion $ line this year at the box office [Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: $794,779,619 /  Murder on the Orient Express:  $206,283,573 and counting]
Johnny doesn’t care about how much his movies make at the box office, for him filmmaking is about the experience, colaboration and creative process. But still congratulations dear man!! Thank you for our amazing work.

Sweetheart ❤️

Look who’s rocking the red carpet ❤️

Look who’s rocking the red carpet ❤️