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“The planets
collided!!! Mr. Johnny Depp in the house last night… The real f*cking deal! We
found a new center of gravity!”

Steven Tyler released a professional sneak-peek recording from Aerosmith’s “Deuces are Wild” concert residency in Las Vegas, last Tuesday (October 8) with Johnny and Joe Perry singing “Toys in the Attic”.
Although most of the shows in this residency has been filmed, it’s unknown if there will be an official release planned for 2020.

“A night of Aerosmith at the Park Theatre Las Vegas.”

Johnny, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tim Burton and Brad Whitford through the lens of Ross Halfin, last Tuesday (October 8) on Aerosmith’s “Deuces are Wild” concert residency in Las Vegas.

Johnny, Tim Burton and the photographer Zack Whitford, last night (October 8) on the backstage of Aerosmith’s Deuces are Wild concert residency in Las Vegas.


Last night, October 8, Johnny was on stage rocking
with Aerosmith on the “Deuces are Wild” concert residency at the Park Theater in
Las Vegas.
Johnny closed the fourth leg of Aerosmith residency (which will return in
playing and singing with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry in “Toys in the
Attic” and also playing the two final songs, making this his third performance as
special guest for a band, after Jeff Beck and the Stone Temple Pilots. Along
Johnny, Aerosmith were also visited by Tim Burton and Ross Halfin!

* Curiosities:

Joe Perry was wearing a Hollywood Vampires jacket, Johnny was wearing a t-shirt with a middle finger print, the photographers Ross Halfin and Aaron Perry were also on stage taking a lot of photos during Johnny’s performance and some professional cameras were also spotted filming the show.  

Back to the music life!

Last night (October 6), Johnny was rocking on stage again at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, now as special guest on the Stone Temple Pilots USA 2019 Tour.
Johnny was wearing Jerry Judge’s tribute shirt and  joined the band playing guitar along the first Hollywood Vampires’ bassist Robert DeLeo on the two final songs: “Down” and “Sex Type Thing”.

Is Johnny going on tour again? Let’s stay tuned! There’s only 3 shows remaining before the Stone Temple Pilots 2019 Tour ends and the next show is set to happen tomorrow in Phoenix, Arizona.

Johnny and Jeff Beck having some fun last night (September 24) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Video by Kim Cerniglia on Instagram.

Never seen photo of Johnny and 

Bill Carter, taken 11 years ago!

“J.Depp and B. Carter……on the bus jammin’ on our way to Vegas from L.A. to see The Stones around 2007’“ – wrote Carter on Facebook.

Some things never change.

“Met these 3 lads in North London the other night. Had great craic* talking about Seán Ó Riada.” – wrote Michael Cronin sharing a photo on Instagram with  Johnny, Shane McGowan and  Jonathon Cronin 

(Who forms with Michael the Irish band “Cronin”) at the 

Boogaloo Pub, located on the north of London.

Ps:*Craic is an Irish slang for enjoyable/fun conversation mixed with alcohol and/or music.

Ps 2: Now we know that Johnny was still in London with Shane and Victoria and not in Ireland and the photo seems to have been taken last night. Also, Johnny is about to complete one month there…

Johnny’s “happy, single, touring with his band, and enjoying life despite his ongoing legal battle with his ex-wife.”

He has a couple of movies filmed, preparing for release, and is about to sign onto to reprise his role in the third installment of Fantastic Beasts. He is not dating anyone, but instead, healing and moving on from the Amber drama while letting his lawyers fight on his behalf and restore his reputation in Hollywood. Johnny IS NOT with the Russian dancer, as was rumored, nor [is he] eager to jump into any new relationship. Instead, he is focused on his music, his band, his film career, and his family.” ~ Johnny’s source to 

HollywoodLife .com

*Read the full article HERE


> Johnny is happy as always.
> Johnny is single.
> Johnny is not interested in relationship right now (He already talked about it before)
> Johnny is focused in rise above all the lies.
> Johnny wants to restore his reputation.
> Johnny is  focused on his family, music and acting career, and…



Some things never change…  ♥ ♥
Johnny: the rock star and his funny leg position.
His dream came true.

Cry-Baby [1990] x Hollywood Vampires 2019 Tour [May 12]