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Halloween season has arrived!!! 🎃 👻

I was seeing some memes around about the “September 30th x October 1st” where people post a normal-looking photo to represent “September 30th” and a photo of the same person looking much more Halloween-themed to represent “October 1st” and the beginning of this spooky month.
So, I decided to make the Johnny’s version!
All the photos were taken during the filming days, or pretty close days, of each movie, less the Grindelwald one, which are photos of the same day!!!

Countdown to Halloween: 30 DAYS!

💖 Like father, like daughter: Depp’s same energy. 💖

In an alternate world of “Sweeney Todd”, he and 

Mrs. Lovett had lovely child…
In an alternate world of “Alice in Wonderland”, the Red Queen also had mean daughter just like her. 


The original photos fits so perfectly in a Tim Burton movie that I did this edits… (Hey, Tim let’s make it happen!). 😂

So, last Tuesday (September 3), Lily-Rose’s new photos for the “W Magazine”, which she will be on the cover, was released online and she also gave an interview talking about her acting life and talked about her parents:

“I’m not going to say that it doesn’t make it easier to get your name out there. Obviously it does. But honestly, to me there’s also something even a little bit harder about it, because the expectations are so insanely high. My parents are both incredible artists in their own right. So all I can do is try and be my own person and do my own work.”

Go for it Lily-Rose! We are always rooting for you! 💖


Today, September 1, is celebrated by fans of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts worldwide, the day that the Hogwarts’ students return to school.
Grindelwald was not a Hogwarts student, but what if he invaded the castle to make a surprise to his old friend?…
Or is it  just one of the Dumbledore’s deepest, most desperate desire, while he sees the Mirror of Erised?

Well, this is my special post to celebrate this special day:
Gellert Grindelwald x Albus Dumbledore: The Meeting

Johnny Depp: Dior Sauvage Parfum (2019)

“This particular short film is truly a love letter. There
is a search for what is real. Everything has some symbolic reference.” – Johnny Depp.

* If the sneak peak is already great, I can’t even wait for the whole short movie…

Professor”: Cast talks about Johnny Depp 



On the bonus content of the Blu-ray edition of “The Professor” “Death and How to Live it: Making The Professor” the actors Ron Livingston, Devon Terrell, Odessa Young, Rosemarie DeWitt, Danny Huston and the producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones talks about working with Johnny.
Just lovely words  ❤️
You are definitely loved Johnny! 


Even wilder than before, Johnny Depp is at one with nature, reconnecting with a land where boundaries are made to be pushed. [c]


“I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, because I’ve never been in competition with anyone. I don’t buy into that shit. I’m not interested in receiving any spray-painted action figures. “
– Johnny Depp [x]


It’s the new moon night. Silver stars illuminate the dark blue horizon marking the great heavenly path.
Deep in the wild, the forest rustles vividly, from the deep waters rises invigorating freshness. The shaman turned to his fire ritual burning salvia in the smoke of the Holy forest in dancing, queling fires. Over the desert swirling dizzying smell…

Sauvage touch


“But the only thing that I could do was know what I still know. Ultimately, the truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the right side of the roaring rapids.” – Johnny Depp [x]


‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ world premiere at Venice Film Fest will be on September 6