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“Come to negotiate, eh? Have you, you git? L…

“Come to negotiate, eh? Have you, you git? Look what I got. I got a iron throne… I got a iron throne…and guess who’s sitting on it…”

A funny deleted scene I made for the “Game of Thrones” Season Finale. 


[New Song Snippet!!!] Are you ready for The Bo…

[New Song Snippet!!!]
Are you ready for The Boogieman Surprise?

After the official release of Who’s Laughing Now”, the Hollywood Vampires announced a new song to be released tomorrow: “The Boogieman Surprise” will be premiered on Planet Rock Radio UK at 8 AM, but at midnight at your local city the song will be probable ready for streaming. Along with the song, a live video will also to be released tomorrow.

The fifth track from “Rise”, originally premiered last year on their 2018 Tour, but now will finally have a studio version. It is sung by Alice Cooper with Tommy Henriksen voice pretty clear on the backing vocals and has lyrics written by Johnny, Tommy and Joe. The song can be easily interpreted as a reply for one person in particular or all of the people who accused and has tried to destroy him throughout the past years, and Johnny may had left a hint about it, last year: 
When the Hollywood Vampires stopped in Italy, the girls from the IFOD (Italian Fans of Depp) met him on the Meet and Greet and during a chat Johnny said that “world and people say things and lie” . He said to stay strong and with him and after,shy as always, said: “they tried to kill me” and “there’s too many of me”. This words can be find on the last line of the second verse of “The Boogieman Surprise”.

Johnny’s venom keep being spewed.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha, Who’s Laughing Now, man…” JUST …

“Ha Ha Ha Ha, Who’s Laughing Now, man…”

JUST 3 DAYS for the first Hollywood Vampires’ show this year!!!

To celebrate the few days left for the USA tour, I made these 8 alternate single covers for the first Hollywood Vampires single, one for each member and one with the whole group.

And save the date! The first show is set to happen at “The Joint” in Las Vegas, Nevada at 21h (local hour).
So, what’s your expectations for the show? Will they sing some new songs from the upcoming new album “Rise”? Will Johnny sing new songs and repeat “Heroes”, “People Who Died” and “Who’s Laughing Now”? Fingers crossed!!!

Just 10 DAYS for the first show of the Hollywo…

Just 10 DAYS for the first show of the Hollywood Vampires’ Spring 2019 USA Tour!

The first show is set to happen at “The Joint” in Las Vegas, Nevada at 21h (local hour).

So, what’s your expectations for the show? “Who’s Laughing Now” was rehearsed last week, so will they sing some new songs too? Fingers crossed!!!

Meanwhile, Alice Cooper is the headliner for the

Domination Festival in Mexico and Tommy Henriksen and Glen Sobel traveled to support him on the show that is set to happen this Saturday (May 4). Have a nice show guys!

Ps. The quotes on the images I posted is from Alice Cooper latest interview for the

“Ultimate Classic Rock”, last April 25. If you still didn’t read, click HERE.

SAVE THE DATE!Fantastic Beasts 3 release date …

Fantastic Beasts 3 release date announced!

The news announced today by Ron Sanders,
President of Worldwide Theatrical Distribution and Home Entertainment, was
received by fans with a mix of emotions…
The movie was set to be released
next year in November 20, with filming starting by the end of this year, but
things had to be postponed again. The third installment of “Fantastic Beasts”
is now set to be released in two years and half, in November 12, 2021
… The filming was also postponed from late 2019’s

autumn for 2020’s spring
(March/June in North Hemisphere).

It’s unknown the reasons, but was already
told that this is expected to be bigger than the first two movies combined,
that J.K. had to re-written the script, and that different from “Crimes of
Grindelwald”, the movie will be filmed in real places, some of them in Brazil.

It’s also unknown this situation of Johnny in his role as Grindelwald, But let’s pray that J.K. Rowling and David Yates are still on his side, and bring him back.
This also opens a huge space in Johnny’s schedule. There’s no
news about upcoming movies, and two of them (Waiting for the Barbarians and
Minamata) are in post-production and is expected to premiere next year.
Let’s all hope that Johnny
uses this time to put an end on this sad situation he has been put into on the
last 4 years.
Until there, let’s keep posting about Grindelwald and re-watch “Crimes of the Grindelwald” over and over again.

Countdown to Fantastic Beasts 3: 
928 Days (2 Years + 6 Months + 13 Days)

Johnny Depp: Best Actor Ever and our Avenger.

Johnny Depp: Best Actor Ever and our Avenger.

I’m not much into Marvel, but for all of you who’s going to watch “Avengers: Endgame” I wish you all a good session, enjoy and don’t spread spoilers yet! 

Meanwhile, I think: Johnny has already performed a lot of different characters in his career so, would he accept to perform a superhero role in the future?…
What if?





teamgrindelwald:RIP Jerry Judge, thank you for…


RIP Jerry Judge, thank you for all you did for Johnny Depp and his family, thank you for being so kind to us Deppheads. Our sincere condolences to Mr Judge’s family, friends and loved ones. We will never forget you ♡

teamgrindelwald: ‘The Professor’  ▪️ Synopsi…


‘The Professor’ 

▪️ Synopsis: Richard Brown, a college professor, lives his life with reckless abandon after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.
▪️ Directed by Wayne Roberts