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“You never know what the world will create
for ya in a day at Field Camp, perhaps the forces will make for a truly amazing
adventure and you find a brother. Energizing the distinctive atmosphere that
surrounds all things creating extraordinary experiences" –
wrote the  Dept. of Geology from the

University at Buffalo on Twitter, sharing the photos of Johnny and  the

Geologist / Field Camp Operations Director

Travis Nelson.

The photo seems to have been taken sometime between May 14/16, somewhere in Utah/Colorado during the Hollywood Vampires’ Tour road trip. Johnny is wearing the same hat from when he was photographed by Christian Carino, in Utah. 

Never seen photo of Johnny and 

Bill Carter, taken 11 years ago!

“J.Depp and B. Carter……on the bus jammin’ on our way to Vegas from L.A. to see The Stones around 2007’“ – wrote Carter on Facebook.

Some things never change.

“Lost… And Found”

The photo was taken by Christian Carino (Lady Gaga’s ex-fiance) and seems to have been taken sometime between May 13/14 in Utah, while travelling to the Hollywood Vampires’ show in Colorado.

Joe Perry and Johnny Depp having a little chat on their way to Liseberg, 


in Sweden for the show tonight!