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The perfect man doesn’t exi… Oh… what was I saying?

New photos of Johnny, through the lens of Ross Halfin during a photoshoot (probable the same realized last month)…

OH LAWD, this photo… 



Johnny through the lens of Ross Halfin probable during the same photoshoot session realized last month.

> Curiosity:

Johnny is wearing a “rare” “1970s Fillmore West Middle Finger Staff Athletic Wear” by Mason, continuing his “hidden message” of wearing middle finger prints, and sometimes even doing the gesture. 
Details: The shirt is a purple crew jersey with yellow, white, and purple stripes on the collar and sleeves, probably cotton with a touch of poly. On the front, “Fillmore West” is in white letters, with a hand and the middle finger extended and a small “BG” for Bill Graham. Grahan was a German-American rock concert promoter who directed the 
Fillmore West, a historic rock and roll music venue in San Francisco, California, which became a famous place under his direction from 1968 to 1971. 


New photos of Johnny through the lens of Ross Halfin, on last October’s photoshoot session in Los Angeles. 

Ps3 photos from the same session were released yesterday (October 13) on Halfin’s site and a Polaroid version was released last October 29 by Halfin’ son, Oliver Halfin.

“A shoot I did with Johnny in Los Angeles.” – Ross Halfin

New photos of Johnny through the lens of Ross Halfin, on last October’s photoshoot session in Los Angeles.

Ps. Ross’ son, Oliver Halfin, which is also a photographer, had previously released a Polaroid photo from this photoshoot, last October 29.

Behind the Scenes:
Johnny’s photoshoot session by

Bastien Colin

at Deauville Film Festival, last September 8.

New (extended) behind the scenes!

The third behind the scenes video shows Johnny being photographed by Bastien Colin during the Deauville American Film Festival, last September 8.
A shorter and slightly slow version was previously shown during the closing ceremony of the same festival last September 14 and an alternate edit released yesterday by Olivier Vigeire.

New Behind the Scenes!!!
Johnny’s photoshoot session by Olivier Vigerie at Deauville American Film Festival, last September 8, in France.

Johnny through the lens of Olivier Vigerie.

The photo was taken last September 8, during the Waiting for the Barbarians press conference at Deauville American Film Festival. 

SAUVAGE PARFUM: New promotional photo!

The photo seems to have been taken by the photographer Eric James Guillemain.



During the Deauville American Festival,  last September 8, in France, Johnny had a photoshoot session with Olivier Vigerie, and the photographer said that the photos will be revealed this Friday (September 20) and the full behind the scenes (a sneak peek was shown during the festival’s closing ceremony) will be released next week!

Can’t wait for these new masterpieces! 📷