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Corpse Bride: Moon Dance



The Professor is NOW PLAYING in USA theaters!

Find the closest theaters HERE


Johnny as Richard share his words of wisdom.

“You’ve got one shot at this, one f*cking shot. Don’t let a moment of it slip by. Grab it, snatch it up, make it yours… Celebrate every moment, celebrate every f*cking breath…”

“The Professor” was released today on demand and in selected theaters in the USA. 

Ps. I just watched the movie… I laughed, I cried… And I wanted to hold Richard too… 😭😭


THE PROFESSOR Official Trailer (2019) Johnny Depp, Zoey Deutch Movie HD


[New Song Snippet!!!]
Are you ready for The Boogieman Surprise?

After the official release of Who’s Laughing Now”, the Hollywood Vampires announced a new song to be released tomorrow: “The Boogieman Surprise” will be premiered on Planet Rock Radio UK at 8 AM, but at midnight at your local city the song will be probable ready for streaming. Along with the song, a live video will also to be released tomorrow.

The fifth track from “Rise”, originally premiered last year on their 2018 Tour, but now will finally have a studio version. It is sung by Alice Cooper with Tommy Henriksen voice pretty clear on the backing vocals and has lyrics written by Johnny, Tommy and Joe. The song can be easily interpreted as a reply for one person in particular or all of the people who accused and has tried to destroy him throughout the past years, and Johnny may had left a hint about it, last year: 
When the Hollywood Vampires stopped in Italy, the girls from the IFOD (Italian Fans of Depp) met him on the Meet and Greet and during a chat Johnny said that “world and people say things and lie” . He said to stay strong and with him and after,shy as always, said: “they tried to kill me” and “there’s too many of me”. This words can be find on the last line of the second verse of “The Boogieman Surprise”.

Johnny’s venom keep being spewed.


New song! “We Gotta Rise” 

The new track has Alice Cooper and Johnny on lead vocals with Joe Perry, Buck Johnson, Tommy Henriksen and Chris Wyse on the backing vocals and Glen Sobel rocking the drums like an army march intro.

The song is the penultimate track to be performed on tour, the thirteenth on the upcoming album “Rise” and seems to bring Alice Cooper as the President of USA mocking of his own government and proposals that will never come true for his citizens.
The chorus also works as call out for all of Johnny fans: “We gotta rise above the lies”.

We gotta rise!
Let’s rise!
We gotta rise, let’s rise, above the lies!
It’s you and I!
It’s ‘do or die’!
We gotta rise, let’s rise, above the lies!”

What a funny song! I freaking loved! 



Credits to Thrillionaire on youtube.


“- I sold my body, like a whore. The Church forgives whores every day.“  – Rafael.

22 years
ago, today (May 10), “The Brave” debuted on 50th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes,
France. The Independent drama movie is an adaption from Gregory McDonald’s
novel “The Brave” from 1991. The movie was filmed sometime in 1995, but before it
has been directed, re-wrote and co-wrote with his brother D.P. Depp, the movie
had a dark and troubled pre-production when it was under production of other
director. After the premiere at Cannes, where it received mixed reviews, it was
released only in selected theaters in Europe, most of them screened during
festivals. Later it was released as VHS and DVD internationally. In this movie,
Johnny also acts like the lead character, Rafael, a desperate Native American man
which found out a way to help his family, but he’ll have to choose between his
life or the money.  

> Synopsis:
with his wife and two children in a remote community in the middle of a desert
and near a rubbish dump, Rafael, a Native American man, makes the most to bring
some money home, but after seeing the hopelessness of his situation and his
inability to provide something better for his family, he decides to star in a
snuff film (a genre that purports to show scenes of actual homicide) for a
large sum of money that he hopes will give his family a chance for a better

> Curiosities: 


takes almost 12 minutes to the first line be told by Johnny.


During the movie, a character mocks Rafael
calling him by “Tonto.” 16 years later Johnny played Tonto in “Lone
” (2013). 


The whole pile of garbage heap was all build for the movie. Johnny revealed that “500
tons of junk is very expensive.“


3 years
after filming the movie, in 1998, Johnny tattooed the symbol of the movie, inside
his right arm. The question mark was also tattooed over the ankle of his right
leg. In the movie, the symbols appear a couple of time times drawn in several


This movie marks the first and only movie he directed. He had to re-write,
produce, direct, he had decided to cast himself in the lead role to attract interest
from potential financers, but had to invest his own
money to make the movie. But working as director, producer and actor
pushed Johnny almost to the limit. He had to deal with everything, used to work
at least 18 hours almost every day and had do one thing he hates: Watch himself
in a movie.  Last
year, in China, Johnny revealed that this may happen again once he has plans
for two movies.


Due to the negative reviews, Johnny
decided that the movie was never going to be screened or released as home video
in the USA. Many people only watched the movie after it has been imported or
released as DVD.

* As
mentioned before, the movie had a troublesome pre-production: Before Johnny got
involved with the movie, “The Brave” was going to be the directorial debut of Aziz
Ghazal and set to be filmed in 1994, but in December 1, 1993, the whole
production had to be suspended after the murdering of his wife, his daughter,
and his own disappearance. Aziz was found dead, more than a month later and was
discovered that he murdered his family before committing suicide. A note was
found inside his abandoned car written "You
can never know the pain you caused me
” as well as a copy of “The Brave”
novel. One of the top executives who met him talked about his weird connection
with the movie: “You know, it is really
strange. Sometimes when I talked to Aziz about ‘The Brave,’ I got this weird
feeling that he didn’t want to direct this thing… He wanted to live it.”


Johnny didn’t like the original script, but still took on the project as he was
moved by “the idea of sacrifice for family.” Even though, while re-writing
he tried to change the ending and instead of Rafael’s sad fate, he was going to
make him redeem himself to his family, but he had to give up this idea because
he didn’t find a suitable positive ending. 


This was the second movie Johnny worked with his idol, Marlon Brando,
after “Don Juan DeMarco” in 1995. Johnny said that was the best part was that
he didn’t have to worry in direct Marlon, because he knew what to do with
perfection. His presence also made the budget rise to $ 7 million. This was
also the second time Johnny worked with Frederic Forrest after “21 Jump
Street” and with Iggy Pop, after “Cry-Baby” in
1990. Iggy in this movie is credited as “Man Eating Bird Leg”, because
that’s what he does in his scene.


Although the movie received mixed reviews, which somehow impacted on
the distribution to other countries, Johnny was not worried: "I couldn’t care less.
I didn’t make this film to entertain people. I’m not an entertainer… I hope people
really love it or really hate it.”



Hollywood Vampires – WHO’S LAUGHING NOW – Official Lyric Video from the album “Rise”