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The Alien Duo



Johnny and Tommy, making plans to dominate the world, while rehearsing and recording for the “Rise” album, at the Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany, last June 5, 2018.

Such a powerful vocal!
Johnny on stage last night (September 19) in Dallas ,Texas, rehearsing John Lennon’s song “Isolation” with Jeff Beck.

Johnny will be on stage tonight at the

American Airlines Center, in Dallas, Texas

for the “Crossroads Guitar Festival”, a two day festival founded by Eric Clapton. The concerts will reunite a variety of

the world’s most legendary guitar players which are selected by Eric Clapton personally. As he declared a long time ago, each performer was one of the very best, and had earned his personal respect.

Johnny will be playing along Jeff Beck and his band as a continuation of his collaboration on Jeff’s tour.

Behind the scenes:  Johnny rehearsing with the Vampires for their first 2019 Spring Tour show last May.

Photo taken by Ross Halfin last May 5 and shared on the Hollywood Vampires Instagram.
Ps. Another photo from the same day was shared by Aaron Perry in May.

Johnny and Joe Perry at

Fillmore Auditorium in Denver (May 14) and at Sandia Casino in Albuquerque (May 16).

Photos by Ross Halfin.

TBT: Johnny and Tommy Henriksen rehearsing their new song “Git From ‘round Me”, and Johnny having a chat with Alice Cooper at The Joint in Las Vegas,  last Friday (May 10), before the first Hollywood Vampires’ show this year.

“The Hollywood Vampires Live!!!” 

Johnny, Tommy and Joe rehearsing. 

Photo by CD Museum Pb on twitter.

“- Sh*t, forgot the last line…”

Johnny’s last rehearsal before the show

and with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry minutes before going to stage at The Joint in Las Vegas.

Photos by 

CD Museum Pb‏ and Cereal Kyler

“Music was always my first love. It was my first love for sure. And still is a huge part of my life.“ – Johnny Depp. 

Johnny rocking and having fun while rehearsing for tomorrow’s show in Las Vegas. Keep rocking!

Tommy just shared a photo of him, Johnny and Glen focused for the first Hollywood Vampires show this year!

Ps. What are they watching on the notebook? Ms. Heard lies falling apart again today? Click HERE to read new evidences!
And don’t forget that Johnny is always aware of us. Keep supporting and sharing the truth!

Countdown for the first show: 2 Days!

“Coupla dudes. Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp before Hollywood Vampires rehearsal this afternoon.” – Wrote CerealKyler (Kyler Clark) on Instagram talking about yesterday’s rehearsal and photoshoot.