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Professor”: Cast talks about Johnny Depp 



On the bonus content of the Blu-ray edition of “The Professor” “Death and How to Live it: Making The Professor” the actors Ron Livingston, Devon Terrell, Odessa Young, Rosemarie DeWitt, Danny Huston and the producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones talks about working with Johnny.
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“The Professor” New DVD Cover!

5 months after its official release, Johnny’s latest movie “The Professor” will
be released

next October 2 under its original title “Richard Says Goodbye” in DVD/Blu-ray and on
demand by the Defiant Screen Entertainment, an independent distributor of movies
and television product in Australia and New Zealand!

The Professor: Behind the Scenes

Johnny and cast filming for the movie, sometime between July/August 2017, at Royal Roads University in Colwood, British Columbia, Canada.

TBT: New photo of Johnny and Wayne Roberts during the filming of “The Professor”, when still under the title of “Richard Says Goodbye”, in 2017 at Royal Roads University in  Colwood, British Columbia, Canada.

The Professor: South Korean Characters Posters.

South Korea has been releasing the best posters from “The Professor” which was re-titled there as “A Questionable(or Suspicious) Professor”. Although is originally set to be released next
August 15, the movie had a special three days screening last July 24, 25 and 26
with a “Beer Party”, with events, prizes, free posters and beers from Blue Moon, an
imported beer which was first launched in South Korea last year, which was distributed for
those who watched the movie at Eivom Theater in Seoul, South Korea. 

Translation from the posters:

> The “Professor”:
– “F*cking Life!”
– “The terminally ill professor with a screwed life”.
– Richard / Johnny Depp. 

> The “Wife”:
“ I did it with your boss”
“The powerful wife with a secret love affair”
Veronica / Rosemarie DeWitt

> The “Daughter”:
“I like women”
“The daughter who finally comes out”
Olivia / Odessa Young

> The “Friend”:

“Repeatedly… I’m going to cry”

“The Friend professor with an emotional menopause explosion”

Peter / Danny Houston 

> The “Boss”:

“Wake up, I’m your boss!”

“The chancellor of the university and Veronica’s affair”

Henry / Ron Livingston

> The “Student”:

“Sorry, I’m in a class. I’m gonna call you back”

“The charming and cool student”

Claire / Zoey Deutch.


Photo by Emiliana on Instagram.

The Professor’s lessons is really being spread across the world.

The Professor: Birthday Game! 


In 4 days, next July 27, “The Professor” will be released
in Taiwan under the title that can be read like “Goodbye Negative Life” and the Cai Chang Independent Multimedia is promoting the
filming with some articles, videos, posters, flyers and photos. Some of them are
pretty funny, like this one: A birthday game which was posted on Instagram and Facebook inspired on what “crazy” things people should do before living this world.
The game works with the last numbers of your birthday date.
Ex: Johnny’s birthday = 09/06/1963 = 9/6/3 

In the game, Johnny’s result would be: Having Sex with Sweeney Todd
at the Office…. Well, that’s sound bloody crazy. 




And mine is: Bathing with Captain Jack Sparrow at the Park… Well, would it be good to give a good bathe on him, right 




Well, this is just for fun, so enjoy it!
Hope you like it!

Credits for the original source and idea goes to Cai Chang Independent.

The translation is slightly
different from the original Chinese version. 

First I changed the order of the topics from Year/Month/Day to Day/Month/Year
for a better result.

Some words were changed to fit better, like, instead of “One World Trade
Center” (The tallest building in the world) it was originally written “Taipei 101”  (The tallest in Taiwan and the 9th of the world). As well
the choice “Chatting” which was previously written “Beat/Fight” and no one
wants to do it with Johnny.

The second topic was totally changed. On
the original version, there were different names, most of them from Taiwanese
politics, along with Captain America, Iron Man and even Anne Hathaway… So I changed it placing only Johnny’s characters.

“Wayne and Johnny’s
relationship is kind of amazing. To watch them collaborating in such of kind of beautiful way it’s… that’s fun magic”
– Devon Terrell, who plays Danny in “The Professor” talks about the experience of working with Johnny and Wayne Roberts.

These are the lasts behind the scenes photos taken from the Blu-ray Edition of “The Professor” bonus content “Death and How to Live It: Making The Professor” , which for unknown reasons, unfortunately doesn’t have an interview with Johnny himself…

Behind the Scenes:
Johnny filming with Odessa Young (Richard’s daughter) and 

Zoey Deutch (Richard’s student) during the filming of “The Professor” in 2017.

New Behind the scenes:
Johnny and Wayne Roberts having a chat during the filming of “The Professor” at Royal Roads University in  Colwood, British Columbia, Canada in 2017.

New behind the scenes: 
Johnny, Danny Huston and Wayne Roberts during the filming of “The Professor” in 2017.

On the blu-ray DVD bonus content, Danny Huston also talks about filming with Johnny:

“My experience
with Johnny was of love at first sight (laughs). I don’t really know if we
were playing to what was required for the characters of the piece or whether it
was truly heartfelt… But at the moment it feels absolutely real.”