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“When I’m 90, and I’m sitting around with, like, my grand kids and
my great-grand kids, and they go, ‘Gramps, when did you get that?’ I want to be
able to say: ‘May 31, 1988.’ And then they can go: ‘Wow, Gramps! You’re really
” –
Johnny Depp for the “US Magazine” (June 26, 1989)

31 years ago, today (May 31), Johnny met Jonathan Shaw to make his second tattoo.

The red heart with his mother name was tattooed on his left bicep, as a tribute for “the
greatest lady in the world”, his mother, Betty Sue.

Rip Betty Sue…

3 years ago, today (May 20) Johnny’s mom, Betty Sue, passed away.

“Give’em hell Betty Sue”

Happy Mother’s Day to the one and only, Betty Sue ❤ 

“Give ‘em hell Betty Sue!” ~ Johnny Depp (People’s Choice Awards, 

January 18/2017)