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Johnny was also spotted last January 8 in Notting Hill, London, enjoying the night with Tim Burton, Berenice Percival, Gina Deuters and Stephen Deuters. 


On the same day, Gina had previously posted a small video on Instagram Stories having fun with Tim Burton. 


New photos of Johnny leaving Paris, last Friday (December 27)!

Dailymail posted some new photos of Johnny, taken last Friday (December 27) as he leaves Paris along some people. The only ones I recognized was Gina and Stephen Deuters.

But the site made some mistakes…
reality, the photos were taken when he was leaving Paris, instead of “arriving”, also they said that they were at the “airport”, but in reality he was at the Paris Gare du Nord station, ready to take the Eurostar train… 

Also, according to the site, Johnny spent Christmas Eve evening at Vanessa
Paradis’ home to celebrate Christmas with Jack and Lily-Rose. A fan who met him
also said the same thing, taking that he was there to visit his children. On Christmas Day
the hotel where Johnny stayed in Paris, L’Hotel, organized a party in his honor.
It was also said that he should have left Paris, last December 26, but left
the city on the day after by train to London.
Johnny also appeared to offer assistance to a woman with her two children and their
luggage. Such a gentleman…

Two things that caught attention:

1) Johnny’s left hand was bandaged up… 


We can see it also on Gina’s photo

2) Johnny was holding a HUGE arch file and some other documents with him.  😲


Are they some upcoming project(s)!!! 




Happy 56 to this one! 🎈


Photo by

Gina and



New/Old photo of Johnny and his assistant, and now also one of the writers for the upcoming “Minamata”, Stephen Deuters.

What a GREAT day to see this smile!  

Johnny and his assistant and now also one of the writers for the upcoming “Minamata”, Stephen Deuters.

Photo taken “somewhere awhile back”, by Gina Deuters on Instagram.

PS: This photo also made me remember one thing: For the upcoming Hollywood Vampires album it’s been said that there’s a track named “Who’s Laughing Now” written by Johnny and Tommy Henriksen. So it fits perfectly.