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“It never got weird enough for me”

Finally after 9 years, one of Johnny’s
tattoos can be admired in a better photo. This one,


on Johnny’s left
calf, is a tribute to his late friend Hunter S. Thompson. It has one of
Hunter’s quotes


in a typewriter font, the gonzo fist and blade logo, along with Hunter’s birth and
death years (1937 – 20005) and his initials: H.S.T.

The tattoo could be first seen in June 20,
2010, Father’s Day in the USA. Johnny was with his children Jack and Lily-Rose
boarding on a helicopter in Hawaii to celebrate the day. During that time there
was only the logo


with no lettering, which was added sometime later.
The final design, as seen today, could be “better” seen in August 17, 2011,
when Johnny was photographed during a trip with Vanessa Paradis and their
children on their yacht in France,

Tattoo photos taken last September 22 by Ryan Hall on Instagram

SCAM: “You wanted it…you got it…”

One year ago, today (July 5),

Tommy Henriksen posted a now deleted photo of Johnny’s hand with a new reddish tattoo. That was the first time we could clearly


what really what was that reddish thing that some of us started to see since June 30 during the 2018 Hollywood Vampires’ Tour.

Now Johnny had a curious red circle-A which is known for being a symbol of anarchy, but

the place where it was tattooed gave us a totally different meaning…. As Johnny once said in 1993: “I consider all my tattoos as specific moments in my life. My body is a journal in a way.”  and this tattoo was indeed telling a hard chapter of his life.

The symbol was originally made in June 29 after the show in Frankfurt, Germany along the JD3 tattoo. It was inked on Johnny’s right knuckle above the middle finger (the same finger Ms. Heard almost cut off after throwing a bottle of vodka), altering again the previous tattoo with the nickname he gave to her. Previously written “SLIM”, after divorcing from Ms. Heard, Johnny altered the “I” to “U” and became “SCUM” (what fitted her well), but last year he altered


changing the “U” to “A” now being read as “SCAM” which fitted better representing the actual meaning of her hoax.

> SCAM: (Noun)
* A people who tricks or cheats someone else in order to get their possession.
* An illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people.
* A dishonest or illegal plan or activity, especially one for making money. 

This is not a simple tattoo.
It was a warning about Ms. Heard’s Hoax to destroy his life.
This was a warning for us to get ready for the ton of shocking evidences thrown on the following months.

Johnny Depp will not be silenced.


Two never seen photos of Johnny, during a tattoo session for his  Ilya Chashnik’s  inverted triangle tattoo, were shared by Scab Vendor on Instagram.

“Before opening the oldest NYC studio and tattooed celebrities as Johnny Depp, this is where

Jonathan Shaw

learned tattooing in the 70’s”

NEVER FORGET!  The “Scam” warning.

Today I received a question about which hand Johnny had suffered the hurting caused by Ms. Heard, and when the person told about the “Slim” tattoo, I remembered an old photo from July 2018. At that time, Tommy Henriksen had shared the photo (which now was deleted), and I made a post explaining a little bit about the probable meaning behind it such as Anarchism, and I also commented a funny fact about being tattooed above Heard’s tattoo. Looking back to the tattoo and photo, it seems more like a warning about what we know today: The Scam.

After the divorce, Johnny altered the “i”  from the previous “SLIM” to “u” and became “SCUM”, and now with the “A” from “Anarchism”, we can officially recognise and read as “SCAM”:

> SCAM: (Noun)
* A people who tricks or cheats someone else in order to get their possession
* An illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people
* A dishonest or illegal plan or activity, especially one for making money.

And the fact that it’s on the same hand and on the same finger she almost cutted off after throwing a bottle of vodka, makes it even clearer. Coincidence, warning or not, it fits her well and Johnny’s smartnessess surprised me once again.

New Tattoo: “I want a nice little boat – made out of ocean”

While Johnny was being photographed before Sir Paul McCartney’s secret gig in London, last Monday (July 23), we could see in a few photos what seems to be his new tattoo on his right forearm. It is a phrase from “See No Evil”, a song from an American rock band from New York City formed in 1973, called Television. The song was released in their debut album, “Marquee Moon”,

in 1977, which is often considered one of the defining releases of the punk era.

One more for the collection…

there is no hq pic of johnny’s new tattoo on his wrist yet. But I’ve noticed it starts with I and Johnny’s friend Alex said it’s correct and Johnny has also written this on a fans arm once, who had it tattooed lovely isn’t it

‘I want a nice little boat made out of ocean’ is a lyrics from the Television song:  See No Evil. R.E.M. also has a version of it

again, we haven’t seen the tattoo completely yet, this is just what i found here

if i’m mistaking or forgot something, please let me know 😉

“You wanted it…you got it…”

Tommy Henriksen shared a photo of Johnny’s hand and the curious symbol on his right knuckle above the middle finger. It could be seen since last Saturday (June 30), and seems to be his new tattoo, or just a pen drawing…

The circle-A is best-known as a symbol for anarchy. It consists the capital letter “A” surrounded by the capital letter “O”. The “A” derived from the first letter of “anarchy” or “anarchism” and the “O” stands for order and together they stand for “society seeks order in anarchy”. The etymology of the term traces back to the Greek word “anarkhia”, which means “without rulers” or “without authority”. It stands for the absence of domination, hierarchy and power over others. The idea is very common particularly between people from the punk rock scene.

PS:  Anarchism is not a bad thing. Anarchists are not people who make bombs or wants to mess up the world. Anyway, there’s a lot of history behind the meaning of

anarchism, and Johnny sure must have his own meaning.

Funny fact: It was tattooed on top Amber’s “Slim” tattoo. After the divorce, he altered the “i” to “u” and became “Scum”, and now with the “A” can be read as “Scam”: “A people who tricks or cheats someone else

in order to get their

possession”. After what she did to Johnny, and now with what she posted on twitter about immigrants, it really serves her right… 

Johnny Depp’s new tail-jacket made by Solenne Menger from Lord SM Paris.

Depp worn this great piece in the last two shows in London and in France. Her new creation it’s from the collection called “itattyoutattme”, where you can “get your clothes tattooed like your body or with you idol tattoos”. These pieces are unique and Johnny has also a white shirt with his, Solenne and Marylin Manson’s tattoos. In this piece there’s more than 20 illustrations of his and hers tattoos, and the Hollywood Vampires logo. 

*Funny detail: The tattoo “Winona Forever”, now “Wino Forever”, in this piece was changed to “Solenne Forever”. ^^

Thank you for you hard work, Lord SM Paris. Johnny looks amazing on stage! xo

Hello, haters 😝