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“TBT: On the set of Cry-Baby with Johnny Depp….

“TBT: On the set of Cry-Baby with Johnny Depp. Such good times. Circa 1989.” 

Never seen photo of Johnny and Ricki Lake during the filming of Cry-Baby in Baltimore, posted on Instagram.
Since early 90′s Johnny already loved to make this funny face.



Lovely duo. 




Ross Halfin shared more never seen photos of Johnny.
The first three photos were taken at Sandia Casino, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last May 16 on the 5° show of the 2019 Spring Tour.
The second photo was previously released in black and white, last May 21.
The third photo is pretty similar to the black and white version of the photo above it, but more serious.
The fourth photo was taken last May 13 at “The Joint” in Las Vegas on the first day of the 2019 Spring Tour, three different takes of the same place were released in May 16.

TBT: Johnny Depp: The pianist. “Special 4th o…

TBT: Johnny Depp: The pianist.

“Special 4th of July throwback to one year ago, when I had the privilege of organizing the final tour dinner for the Hollywood Vampires. I was lucky to spend the evening caring for the kindest and most genuine people any event manager could ever hope to work with! Thanks for celebrating this special day with us, and for an out-of-this-world concert at the Jazz Festival – You guys rock! 🤘🧛‍♂️🦇 Listening to the new Rise album brings back unforgettable memories!” – wrote Kenzie Schmidt on Instagram.

Ps. On the album Rise, Johnny doesn’t play the piano, but is credited for being the one who plays the keyboards on the last track “Congratulations”.

“Behind the scenes set goofing off. What an …

“Behind the scenes set goofing off. What an absolute pleasure to work with such a great actor and human being. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.” – wrote 

Robert Henley Starr on Instagram.

The photo was taking during the filming of “City of Lies” in January 2017. Another actor had posted another photo taken on the same place and date, last year. In this movie, Robert is credited as “EMT Robert McGinnis” 

TBT: Johnny’s performance  as Sam in “Benny &a…

TBT: Johnny’s performance  as Sam in “Benny & Joon” (1993)

“In my own small way, I want this to be my salute to Keaton.” Johnny Depp,  Apr 11,1993 for the NY Times.

This week we celebrate the 26th anniversary of Benny


Joon”,  after its premiere in April 23, 1993  in the USA.

> Curiosities:

* For his performances as Sam, Johnny was trained by the mime artist,
magician and silent movie buff, Dan Kamin. During the two weeks of rehearsal, Johnny used to ask everything to make his best in the scenes, and continued to practice as the film
was shot.


For the physical comedy sequence in the
park, Johnny did all of the stunts

himself and could do the flips on the first day he tried. Even though, it ended up
making him hurt himself in some scenes. 


Johnny also watched Charlie Chaplin and
Buster Keaton’s movies, learned magic tricks, sleight of hand and recreated
Keaton’s patented falls. Even though Johnny had no more than 60 lines throughout the movie, Kamin
was pretty happy that Johnny learned the subtle moves and performed perfectly in a marvelous
job, so was the director Jeremiah Chechik, who couldn’t be happier watching that Johnny’s emotional expressions
worked like words.

“ – Why is your hair so messy?” “On set of “T…

“ – Why is your hair so messy?”

“On set of “The Professor” a.k.a “Richard Says Goodbye” with my favourite actor & rocknroller. In theaters May 17th. 🖤Johnny’s work is beautiful in this film. Wayne’s writing and directing is tops.” – Wrote 

Justine Warrington (Who plays Sarah in the movie) on her Instagram.

Ps. The photo seems to have been taken during the bar scene, maybe after filming the part where he appears tucking his shirt inside his pants. (What were you doing Richard?) 😂 😂

TBT: Never seen photo of Johnny and Belinda Ca…

TBT: Never seen photo of Johnny and Belinda Carlisle in 1988!
This photo was meant to be the cover photo for the 80′s fashion magazine, “In Fashion”.

Rango: Comparison between Behind the Scenes an…

Rango: Comparison between Behind the Scenes and Movie.

This week, we celebrated the eighth anniversary of “Rango”, which different from most of the animated movies, during production all the actors and actresses wore costumes, props and acted just like their characters in order to “give them the feel of the Wild West” and develop better their roles, and their voices, and some other sounds, were recorded together instead of recording in booths with every actor isolated. 

“ – I have a sympathetic gag reflex…”…

“ – I have a sympathetic gag reflex…” – Charlie Mortdecai.

Every time Mortdecai gags in the movie I burst into laughter. 



TBT of the day posted by Traci Lords on instag…

TBT of the day posted by Traci Lords on instagram:
“When we were young! April 1990 Baltimore, Maryland at the world premiere of Crybaby. From left: John Waters, me, Patricia Hearst and Johnny Depp . The movie that changed my life!”