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Ross Halfin shared more never seen photos of Johnny.
The first three photos were taken at Sandia Casino, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last May 16 on the 5° show of the 2019 Spring Tour.
The second photo was previously released in black and white, last May 21.
The third photo is pretty similar to the black and white version of the photo above it, but more serious.
The fourth photo was taken last May 13 at “The Joint” in Las Vegas on the first day of the 2019 Spring Tour, three different takes of the same place were released in May 16.

Johnny through the lens of Ross Halfin, last Monday (May 13) at The Joint in Las Vegas

TBT: Johnny and Tommy Henriksen rehearsing their new song “Git From ‘round Me”, and Johnny having a chat with Alice Cooper at The Joint in Las Vegas,  last Friday (May 10), before the first Hollywood Vampires’ show this year.

“Johnny Depp didn’t want to leave the stage after the encore. He was running around looking for extra picks to throw to us until his security team basically dragged him off of the stage” – wrote Pete Foley on Flicker



Johnny’s tributes to 

Jerry Judge yesterday in Las Vegas.

“That mountain… used to stand right there
on the other side of the stage. Jerry was a bulldog, made MI5, he’d take a bullet in the head just to keep me
around… We call him equalizer, instead of his name… and then he found relief
from the cancer’s pain. He is still there. Jerry f*cking Judge… THIS SONG IS FOR

During the show, Johnny worn a t-shirt with Jerry’s face printed, as well his security team. The same print was on the balloons throw to the audience, instead of the Hollywood Vampires’ logo.

Ps. I didn’t understand if he said “made MI5” (That stands for

Security Service) or another word… Please, share your thoughts about it and I’ll correct if it’s wrong…

The first black and white photo was taken by Aaron Perry during the show. The last one was taken during the “Dark Shadows” filming and is the one that was shown on the background video while Johnny gave his emotional speech while singing his cover “People Who Died”.


Photo by VampirezRock reblogged by Tommy Henriksen.

“- Sh*t, forgot the last line…”

Johnny’s last rehearsal before the show

and with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry minutes before going to stage at The Joint in Las Vegas.

Photos by 

CD Museum Pb‏ and Cereal Kyler

“Mr. Johnny Depp – Photographed in Las Vegas.”

Photo by Ross Halfin.

Alice Cooper and Joe Perry gave new interviews this week and talked about Johnny:

> Alice Cooper for the “LA Weekly”, last Wednesday (April 8).

“Johnny chose ‘People Who Died’ by Jim Carroll because he knew him, so I said he should sing it and he does a great job. He said to me, ‘I don’t sing,’ but I said, ‘What do you mean – you did Sweeney Todd.’ That’s basically an opera, and he did a great job. That song has a cool punk vibe that Johnny can do well.” 

“Johnny’s had a rough year, so a lot of his lyrics have been about that.”


“Our guitarist is Johnny Depp, but we don’t think of him as ‘Johnny Depp the actor’. Music was his first love, so to us he’s just our guitarist.”

> Joe Perry for the “Coachella Valley Weekly”, last Wednesday (April 8)

* CVW: The Hollywood Vampires is a salute and throwback to the camaraderie of musicians of the 70’s. How special a group is it?

Joe Perry: “I get the feeling, if we had all met each other back in 1968, this would be the band that would be playing in a garage getting complaints around the neighborhood. At this end of things, it’s that kind of a vibe, with all the miles and years we put in all doing what we do live and that includes Johnny ‘cause what he does, even though he’s in front of a camera he’s still performing and he’s doing it live and he plays guitar a lot. He sits in every chance he gets with all of his friends. We’re doing it because it’s fun. We play for each other as much as we play for the fans.”

CVW: You have some big league band mates in Glen, Chris, Tommy and Buck, not to mention the taken by surprise talent of Johnny Depp. In addition, of course, Alice Cooper goes without saying.

Perry: “Johnny is a great guitar player, that’s probably one of the big surprises when people come after the shock of seeing him out there then they realize why he’s in the band. He’s got a lot to say. He writes great lyrics and plays great guitar.”

Ps: In this interview Joe Perry also told that Johnny likes to write lyrics and poetry and that he really digs down for that, and revealed that they are planning to play 7 or 8 songs from “Rise” during this tour. Up until now, “Who’s Laughing Now”, “

You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory”, “Git from Round Me”

and “We Gotta Rise” were rehearsed and add on the setlist.