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Curiosities from the behind the scenes of “Heroes”.

Tommy revealed a little bit more from how was the day when they recorded “Heroes”: First it was recorded live at Hansa Tonstudio (the same where David Bowie recorded the original version) in Berlin, Germany, on their day-off in a hot day and with no air conditioner. That’s why we see a sweat Johnny.
As thought, it was recorded by their photographer, Kyler Clark (Cereal Kyler) and directed and edited by Louis Marciano, known for making videos for Alice CooperTommy Henriksen, Bon Jovi, Marilyn MansonGuns N’ Roses and a lot more.

Hollywood Vampires (Feat. Johnny Depp)- “Heroes”!

“Though nothing, nothing will keep us together
We can beat them… Forever and ever
Oh, we can be heroes,
Just for one day.

I will be king.
And you…
You will be queen.

Though nothing, nothing will drive them away.
We can be heroes, just for one day,
We can be us!
Just for one day.”

The third and final single from the Hollywood Vampires’s upcoming album “Rise”
is Johnny’s version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”. The single was first released 24
hours ago in Japan at midnight from June 6 to 7. This is one of the two songs sung entirely by Johnny on the new album, and
although had shown his vocal abilities on the 2007 movie “Sweeney Todd”, this can be considered his
debut single as singer.
Johnny started singing “Heroes” during the Hollywood Vampires Tour and surprised
a lot of people with his powerful voice.

Today, the second official live video was released today, showing clips of the group on the 2018 European Tour. Some of the clips were teased last year by Tommy HenriksenMarian KuchBuck Johnson and Glen Sobel. Just like the song, the video was recorded in June 5, 2018 at the same studio where David Bowie recorded the original version, in Berlin. 

I think we really should consider this release as a birthday gift to Johnny and also as his and the Hollywood Vampires gift for us.
The song is officially available everywhere, so listen, repeat, buy, share and play it loud.

Johnny Depp is our Hero!

Countdown to the Hollywood Vampires “Rise”: 14 DAYS


Taking a little break in Albuquerque…”

New/old photo from the Hollywood Vampires, last May 16, at Sandia Casino, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Photo by 

Rich Martish on Instagram.

The Hollywood Vampires, last Thursday (May 16) at Sandia Casino, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Photos by Ross Halfin

New song! “We Gotta Rise” 

The new track has Alice Cooper and Johnny on lead vocals with Joe Perry, Buck Johnson, Tommy Henriksen and Chris Wyse on the backing vocals and Glen Sobel rocking the drums like an army march intro.

The song is the penultimate track to be performed on tour, the thirteenth on the upcoming album “Rise” and seems to bring Alice Cooper as the President of USA mocking of his own government and proposals that will never come true for his citizens.
The chorus also works as call out for all of Johnny fans: “We gotta rise above the lies”.

We gotta rise!
Let’s rise!
We gotta rise, let’s rise, above the lies!
It’s you and I!
It’s ‘do or die’!
We gotta rise, let’s rise, above the lies!”

What a funny song! I freaking loved! 



Credits to Thrillionaire on youtube.

Johnny was spotted yesterday at Hyde Sunset Restaurant in West Hollywood, California!

Photo by 

Bobby London on Instagram Stories

> Hollywood Vampires updates: 

With the first show set to happen in 12 Days in Las Vegas, on the following
days Johnny may be also joining the other Vampires for their rehearsal. The
first rehearsals already started this week with 3 of the 7 members in a studio:
Tommy Henriksen, the drummer Glen Sobel and the bassist Chris Wyse was even
rehearsing “Who’s Laughing Now”, with Tommy lead singing. They were also rehearsing to also join Alice Cooper for his show in Mexico at Domination Festival, next Saturday (May 4). Would it be amazing if Johnny performed too (Fingers crossed!!!).
Meanwhile, Joe Perry and the keyboardist, Buck Johnson were playing with the Aerosmith
on their Las Vegas concert residency at Park Theater. The last show of “Deuces
are Wild” concert happened last Friday and is set to restart in mid-June and finish
in December. This is an important note, because if the Hollywood Vampires are
planning to announce new dates for a probable world tour, the shows may be
happening between mid-May (right after the last show in May 18) until mid-June (before the Aerosmith’s show in June 19). This is the time where the Aerosmith residence has no shows and Joe Perry and
Buck Johnson has free time to join the Hollywood Vampires,  and also, the free time Alice Cooper has, before start his new tour “Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back”  in July 4.