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“Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller sharing a joke at…

“Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller sharing a joke at last week’s premiere of Fantastic Beasts 2.“

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“ – You will not like me… ~ John Wilmot…


“ – You will not like me… ~ John Wilmot”

13 Years ago, yesterday
(November 18), the British-Australian drama film, the first film directed by
Laurence Dunmore “The Libertine” premiered in the UK theaters.The
movie premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in September 2004, but was only released more than a year later in the UK along with a limited screening in selected theaters in the USA, and being widely released only in
2006. In this movie, Johnny plays John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, a notorious
rake and libertine poet in the court of King Charles II of England in 17th century. 

> Synopsis:
In every generation,
there comes along a person so scandalous, so rebellious, so willing to break
taboos that they topple the world’s ideas of what being a free spirit truly
means. In the 17th century that person was unequivocally John Wilmot, AKA the
2nd Earl of Rochester the wily and talented rogue who in the course of his
short, wild life, become known all at once as a troublemaker, a genius and one
of history’s most irrepressible believers in liberty.


* This is his
first character with his same birth name, happening again, 5 years later when
Johnny played John Dillinger in “Public
Enemies”. In both films he is kept called Johnny. 


While the
filming schedule changed due to changes in tax rules which affected various
film productions in the UK, Johnny enjoyed his free time reading and researching
John Wilmot life at the British Library. He had the chance to read his books
and personal letters addressed to his wife, mother and children. The more
Johnny meeting his story, the more Johnny fell in love for his character,
finding in him some similarities with his past life, such as the drug and sex


Johnny had
his face coated in ripped latex to emulate the skin of people with the syphilis.
Also worn a nose plate made of silver, dentures, and one eye with a milky-colored contact


Johnny was invited for the role 8 years earlier, in 1996 when
John Malkovich invited Johnny to watch him playing John Wilmot’s role
on stage. Malkovitch had a plan to make the play into a movie, but various
financial complications delayed the production until 2004. 


character was considered by critics as a dark cousin of Captain Jack Sparrow
and Raoul Duke. 


schedule: Three months after the finishing of the filming, Johnny started to
film for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

“I was very, very happy – beyond happy – that …

“I was very, very happy – beyond happy – that
J.K. and the two Davids (David Heyman and David Yates), interested in me for
the film, you know. And the welcome here, in

Leicester Square, is always
something special, is always very special, is always very warm, and people have
come out to say hello and support the film, and it’s really wonderful, so thank
you to all of you, thank you… Thank you, very kind.” ~Johnny Depp 

Johnny gave his first live interview about Fantastic Beasts and talk about being part of the Wizard World, being in the UK premiere and about his character, Gellert Grindelwald.

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