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Johnny and his trouble with a magnifying glass 😂 🔎

Kreka (Official Teaser)!

Yesterday (December 20) was revealed by Centar Films on Youtube and Instagram, a teaser from the upcoming documentary “Kreka” featuring Johnny.

“Kreka: A story about one of the greatest production designer of all time, Miljen Kljaković Kreka, his journey and encounters with the most prestigious world awards, his friends. A story of a career full of passion, the art of production design and the beauty of one dream.”

The documentary is scheduled to be released next year.

Johnny on the upcoming docuseries “Boston George: Famous Without the Fortune”.

“Flash back to one of the biggest highlights of my 2019. The addition of Johnny Depp to the Boston George ‘Famous Without the Fortune” docuseries.
We are in the final stages of completing all 6 episodes!”

Chris Chesson, producer of the upcoming George Jung’s docuseries, shared a photo him with Johnny during the recording of one of the episodes, last May 30 in Hollywood.

“I wish I was in the audience and could watch us destroy the stage.”Joe Perry. 



The first date from the upcoming Hollywood Vampires’ 2020
Tour was announced today (October 7) on the festival’s accounts on Instagram
and Facebook, and is set to happen in
August 29
at the “Riverside Open Air
” in Aarburg, Switzerland.
Tickets for the festival is already for sale HERE

> What is known about the 2020 tour:

* The upcoming tour is planned to start sometime in mid-2020, between May, July or
August and is expected to be “a real tour
worthy of the name"
Paul Geary, co-manager of Hollywood Vampires, already
that some places like USA (now including east coast), Europe (France,
Finland, Ukraine, Spain and United Kingdom), Asia (Russia and Japan) and South
America (Brazil and Argentina) are on their plans, but to make it happen, they ALL
have to adjust their busy schedule due to their own side projects:


As Joe Perry revealed, Johnny has a
movie scheduled to start in January (High
probability of being for the Fantastic Beasts 3)
and the important trial in
February 3. After that he will have some time to live his music dream due to
the upcoming releases of “Waiting for the Barbarians”, “Minamata” and “Kreka”.


Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Glen Sobel
and even Kyler Clark (Hollywood Vampires Photographer, also known as Cereal Kyler)
are currently touring on Cooper’s “Black Ol’ Eyes Is Back Tour” which will
continue until April 2020.


Chris Wyse also has his side band
named “Owl” playing in California and sometimes helps Alice Cooper too.


Joe Perry and Buck Johnson are currently playing on Aerosmith’s Las Vegas
Residence “Deuces Are Wild”, which will also continue in 2020 with 15 news shows
scheduled from late January, February, May and early June.


It’s unknown, but don’t forget that we may have the
first Hollywood Vampires performance sooner than the tour. With Johnny and Joe Perry
interview for the Grammy’s, and the release of “Rise”, maybe they will also perform
at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards, which is set to happen in January 26, 2020.
(Fingers crossed for some nominations too).


Next and before the show in Switzerland, it’s been said that there’s a chance
for the Vampires may be performing at the “Download Festival”, a three days festival

which is set to happen from June 12 to June 14 at
the Donington Park in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. The full line-up is yet to be announced.

And there’s more to come! As Glen Sobel revealed some days ago: “There’s more
Hollywood Vamps shows in the planning for next year”…

So, let’s stay tuned!

New Project!
Johnny and 

Miljen Klljaković Kreka during the filming of the documentary “Kreka”!

Johnny will be
featuring on the upcoming film “Kreka”, a documentary
about the Serbian production designer, known for being the best Serbian,
winner of dozen of awards, and one of the world’s best film designers of his generation, Miljen Klljaković Kreka.
Directed by Strahinja Savić, produced by Centar Film, and supported by the
Serbian Film Center, the documentary is currently under production. Its filming started
early this year in Belgrade and Budapest and will continue in the fall in some
place of Rome, Tehran and Los Angeles featuring a lot of actors, producers and
directors Among then is Emir Kusturika! Johnny, Kusturika and Kreka worked
together for the first time 28 years ago in “Arizona Dream” and later, Johnny and Kreka
worked together again, now in “The Brave”.

Johnny filmed
his part for the upcoming documentary while in Belgrade (and maybe Budapest) while in town filming for the also upcoming movie  “Minamata”,
sometime between last February and March.

with representatives of Centar Film, the documentary is set to be released next

> Synopsis:
“Kreka” is the story of a man, his journey and encounters with the world’s most
valuable accolades, friends . Behind these people and encounters are indelible
traces, film pieces that record pages of film history. The story of building a
passion, a scenic craft in the fingers and the beauty of a dream. An intimate
film portrait of our greatest set designer of all time: Miljen Klljaković Kreka.

Ps. Isn’t amazing how many people Johnny knows and how many people is still connected to him even after decades? These documentaries also shows how Johnny is always working. Blessed be this man! We are so proud of you!

[Update] 2020 World Tour Plans:

Paul Geary, co-manager of Hollywood Vampires, keep replying some fans on his Instagram and sharing some places that may be having a Hollywood Vampires show while they are planning a 2020 World Tour.
While Brazil was one of the firsts, France, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Argentina and more shows in the USA are also on their map.
Fingers crossed for it turn reality, but let’s not forget that Johnny also has his actor career and how it may influence the tour.

A new tour or special show is on the Hollywood Vampires’ plans for 2020!

Paul Geary, co-manager of Hollywood Vampires, replied a Brazilian Hollywood Vampires’ Fan account on Instagram answering that they are working to go to Brazil next year. If it really happens, there’s a high probability to be a show on a festival, which in Brazil, next year is set to be the Lollapalooza, in São in March. It will also mean a lot for the Brazilian fans, because the last time the Hollywood Vampires performed in Brazil was 4 years ago at Rock in Rio, and Johnny enjoyed his first time there to spread his charity donating 200 hearing aids to adults and children, even helping them showing how to use properly. 
Now let’s wait for more news.