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Vanessa Paradis – Vague à l’âme sœur (Clip Officiel)

3 moments qui ont changé la vie de Vanessa Paradis

“ – This is quite possibly one of the weirdest things that’s ever happened to me… but at the same time, it’s certainly an incredibly great honor having being awarded with a star on Hollywood Boulevard. It’s like Tim said ‘it allows people to walk all over you’…”

On this day, (November 16), 20 years ago, Johnny received a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”. Congratulations Johnny!!!

“ I feel very blessed, I feel very lucky… Thank you all. Not sure if I can say anything else, I may pass out. Thanks, Thanks a lot.”

 20 years ago, on this day (November 16) Johnny received a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” as well was proclaimed by Johnny Grant (honorary mayor of Hollywood), the “Johnny Depp Day” in Hollywood. Johnny gave a short speech and attended the ceremony with his family and friends.

Johnny’s star can be found at 7018 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood, California, so if you find, don’t forget to take a picture and keep it clean too!



VANESSA – BEST OF PARADIS – Une web série en 7 épisodes.
A l’occasion de la sortie du nouveau best of de Vanessa, « Best of & Variations », le 29 novembre prochain, voici en images quelques temps forts de sa carrière musicale.

“It never got weird enough for me”

Finally after 9 years, one of Johnny’s
tattoos can be admired in a better photo. This one,


on Johnny’s left
calf, is a tribute to his late friend Hunter S. Thompson. It has one of
Hunter’s quotes


in a typewriter font, the gonzo fist and blade logo, along with Hunter’s birth and
death years (1937 – 20005) and his initials: H.S.T.

The tattoo could be first seen in June 20,
2010, Father’s Day in the USA. Johnny was with his children Jack and Lily-Rose
boarding on a helicopter in Hawaii to celebrate the day. During that time there
was only the logo


with no lettering, which was added sometime later.
The final design, as seen today, could be “better” seen in August 17, 2011,
when Johnny was photographed during a trip with Vanessa Paradis and their
children on their yacht in France,

Tattoo photos taken last September 22 by Ryan Hall on Instagram

really honored to be here, more than anything. I’m honored and so thankful, so
grateful that, all you guys, yeah, you should applaud for yourselves, you know… That’s for you. For sticking around with me on this really long strange road,
and yeah, I really appreciate it.” –
Johnny Depp, September 16, 2005.

14 years ago, today (September 16), Johnny was honored
and immortalized with a Hand and Footprint Ceremony in the courtyard of the Grauman’s
Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, in California. Johnny was 190° person
to left his hands and foot prints on the cement, and attended the special event
with Vanessa Paradis.
Although being under a pretty hot day, Johnny, as usual, spent
some time greeting and autographing for his fans. Later, Johnny also made some
fun talking about the prints, saying:
“I’m gonna come check on that weekly… Just to
make sure that somebody, you know, that you guys don’t take it away… Just like,
store it in a warehouse or something”

Yes, Johnny, don’t worry!  It is still there! 




💖 Like father, like daughter: Depp’s same energy. 💖

In an alternate world of “Sweeney Todd”, he and 

Mrs. Lovett had lovely child…
In an alternate world of “Alice in Wonderland”, the Red Queen also had mean daughter just like her. 


The original photos fits so perfectly in a Tim Burton movie that I did this edits… (Hey, Tim let’s make it happen!). 😂

So, last Tuesday (September 3), Lily-Rose’s new photos for the “W Magazine”, which she will be on the cover, was released online and she also gave an interview talking about her acting life and talked about her parents:

“I’m not going to say that it doesn’t make it easier to get your name out there. Obviously it does. But honestly, to me there’s also something even a little bit harder about it, because the expectations are so insanely high. My parents are both incredible artists in their own right. So all I can do is try and be my own person and do my own work.”

Go for it Lily-Rose! We are always rooting for you! 💖