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Johnny, last night, September 22 at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts  in San Antonio, Texas, on his fifth featuring as special guest on Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour.

The next show is set to happen tomorrow in Phoenix, Arizona and maybe will be Johnny’s last show.

Johnny Depp: Isolation (John Lennon Cover) [Full Live]

Johnny keeps living his rock-star dream and rocked last night (September 20) at the Eric
Clapton’s “Crossroads Guitar Festival” in Dallas, Texas. He continued his collaboration with his
friend Jeff Beck as special guest playing and singing on his tour.

> About Johnny’s performance on Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour:

Johnny do not appears on stage on the beginning of the shows.
He joins the stage in the middle of the concert while Jeff Beck plays Link Wray’s
track and the 2019 Sauvage Parfum theme “Rumble” which serves as an introduction to
Johnny and a surprise for the audience. After that, he sings John Lennon’s “Isolation”, his brand new song “This
is a Song for Ms. Hedy Lamar
r”, stays on stage playing guitar and closes Beck’s show singing ZZ Top’s “Hey Mr. Millionaire”. As expected the audience loved!

> About the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival:

The whole festival had a online pay-per-view live stream yesterday and will also happen today. It’s unknown if the show was

was recorded to be released for free
later, but some of the past festivals were released as DVD and CD.

> Will Johnny continue on tour?

Pretty possible. Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour continues today in Austin, Texas and Johnny is expected to perform again. Maybe he will keep performing on the next shows until September 24. The last  show of Beck’s Tour is set to happen in September 27 and will feature Rod Steward, possible on Johnny’s place who will possible return to his acting life, now attending the “Waiting for the Barbarians” premiere at San Sebastian Festival, which happens on the same day, in Spain.

Credits for the video go to Yuki Sakakibara on Youtube.

Johnny and Jeff Beck’s Band through the lens of Phil Clarkin, last night (September 18) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


We miss you so much… 

♪ “

Though nothing, nothing will keep us together…
We can beat them, forever and ever…
Oh, we can be heroes…
Just for one day. ♪ 

During a

press conference for “Sweeney Todd” in London, 11 years ago in 2008, Johnny was asked if he based his singing voice on any person in particular once he sounded a bit like David Bowie, and he answered: 

“A couple of people have said that, which is interesting because I wouldn’t ever dream of attempting to channel David Bowie. He’s a big hero of mine. If there’s a similarity it wasn’t intentional. And it’s a nice compliment.” 

10 years later, last year,

in May 17, Johnny surprised everybody, singing live for the first time on stage,

on the first show of the “Hollywood Vampires 2018 Tour”, which happened at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York. Johnny, who originally surprised us with his vocal ability in “Sweeney Todd”, kept singing on the next 28 shows, on the “Johnny Depp live in Tokyo” special event in Japan, and at the “Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding 2018″, last December 8.

The official studio version

was recorded

on the Hansa Studios, in Berlin, same studio where Bowie recorded his masterpiece. Johnny recorded his cover when the “Hollywood Vampires 2018 Tour” stopped in Germany, and is set to be released on the upcoming “Hollywood Vampires” second album, along new songs with Johnny singing.

While we wait for this masterpiece, let’s enjoy Johnny singing “Heroes” live for a crowd of over 55,000 people,

last June 22, at “Hellfest Open Air Festival 2018″ in Clisson, France. 

We are proud, and I bet David Bowie would be proud too..

Happy birthday to the immortal hero, David Bowie. 

♛ ★
We miss you…

Johnny as Big Bad Wolf scenes, performing and singing “Hey, Little Girl” in “Into the Woods, 4 years ago.



Look at that flesh! pink and plump,
Hello, little girl…
Tender and fresh, not one lump!
Hello, little girl… 

This one’s especially lush!

Hello, little girl, what’s your rush?
You’re missing all the flowers…
The sun won’t set for hours…
Take your time… 

Mother said, “Straight ahead,”
Not to delay or be misled… 

But slow, little girl, hark! And hush –
The birds are singing sweetly…
You’ll miss the birds completely…
You’re traveling so fleetly… 

Grandmother first, then Miss Plump…
What a delectable couple:
Utter perfection, one brittle, one supple –
One moment, my dear–!


Mother said, “Come what may
Follow the path and never stray.”

Just so, little girl – any path,
So many worth exploring…
Just one would be so boring…
And look what you’re ignoring… 

Think of those crisp, aging bones,
Then something fresh on the palate,
Think of that scrumptious carnality twice in one day…!
There’s no possible way…
To describe what you feel…
When you’re talking to your meal!

Mother said not to stray
Still, I suppose, a small delay…
Granny might like a fresh bouquet… 

Goodbye, Mr. Wolf.

[WOLF – spoken]
Goodbye, little girl…
And hello…

“What is this?
Smells like piss… 
Looks like piss… 
This is piss. Piss with ink…” – Johnny during the “Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir” song.

11 years ago, today (December 18), “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: The Motion Picture
was released worldwide. The album was produced by Mike Higham,
written by Stephen Sondheim and Johnny’s vocal was produced by his friend, Bruce Witkin. For the first time in his life, Johnny was showing the world that beyond being an amazing actor, he was giving his first step as an amazing singer. 

The album was released in two slightly
different editions: The “Deluxe Complete
and the “Highlight Edition”,
in digital format worldwide and physical in some countries, such as in the USA,
Canada, Japan, some countries in Europe and Australia. 

The Deluxe Complete Edition has 20 tracks, all of them mixing the spoken
lines by the characters with the song. Includes an 80-page full color booklet with
lyrics, photographs and 3 bonus tracks:

* Alms! Alms! by Laura Michelle Kelly (Lucy Barker/Beggar Woman)


Ladies In Their Sensitivities by Timothy Spall (Beadle Bamford)


Final Scene by Helena Bonham Carter (Mrs. Lovett), Johnny (Sweeney
Todd), Laura Michelle Kelly (Lucy Barker/Beggar Woman) and  Alan Rickman (Judge Turpin)

Ps: The “Final Scene” song, lengths for 10 minutes and 21 seconds and
covers the final 13 minutes of the movie in a slightly different version, cutting
some dialogues, secondary sounds such as rats and water, and some scenes,
such as the final meeting between Judge Turpin and Todd, Todd almost killing Johanna,
Mrs. Lovett finding Turpin’s body and Todd recognizing who was the Beggar Woman,
were omitted and shortened.

The Highlight Edition has 17 tracks, and all the songs has the spoken lines
by the characters omitted, making the songs slightly shorter than the
Deluxe Edition and the ones in the movie.


1) Opening Title
2) No Place Like London (Johnny Depp, Jamie Campbell Bower)
3) The Worst Pies in London (Helena Bonham Carter)      
4) Poor Thing (Helena Bonham Carter)        
5) My Friends (Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter)      
6) Green Finch and Linnet Bird (Jayne Wisener)    
7) Alms! Alms! (Laura Michelle Kelly)
[Only in the Deluxe Edition*]  

8) Johanna (Jamie Campbell Bower)          
9) Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir (Edward Sanders, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham
10) The Contest (Sacha Baron Cohen)        
11) Wait (Helena Bonham Carter)    
12) Ladies in Their Sensitivities (Timothy Spall) [Only in the Deluxe Edition*]  
13) Pretty Women (Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman)  
14) Epiphany (Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter)        
15) A Little Priest (Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp)  
16) Johanna (Reprise) (Jamie Campbell Bower, Johnny Depp, Laura
Michelle Kelly)    
17) God, That’s Good! (Edward
Sanders, Helena Bonham Carter)
18) By the Sea (Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp)    
19) Not While I’m Around (Edward Sanders, Helena Bonham Carter)      
20) Final Scene (Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Laura Michelle Kelly, Alan Rickman)
[Only in the Deluxe Edition*]

If you guys have Spotify, you can listen both editions:

Ps. Next, December 21, I’ll post the “Release of the Day” post to celebrate the day the movie was released in the USA!

Johnny at Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany, last June, recording “Heroes” for the next Hollywood Vampires album!

Johnny Depp singing “People Who Died” live for a crowd of over 55,000 people at Hellfest Open Air Festival 2018 in Clisson, France, (June 22).

Watch “Heroes” and the full show here.

Johnny Depp singing “Heroes” live


Hellfest Open Air Festival 2018 in Clisson, France. (June 22)

Haters gonna hate, but his cover is AMAZING!
Watch the full show here.