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“I consider
all my tattoos as specific moments in my life. My body is a journal in a way.”
– Johnny Depp, for the Details Magazine, May 1993.

New tattoo: “Res Ipsa Loquitur”

Saturday, February 15, Johnny attended Shepard Fairey’s 50th Birthday in
Los Angeles with his rock friends. He was wearing his camouflage jacket which also had a “middle
finger” new patch on his right pocket, and

a small notebook and pens

on his left pocket, but what really caught people’s attention was the new tattoo
on his collarbone written “Res Ipsa

It’s unknown when Johnny did it. It’s really hard to see Johnny
shirtless or wearing a (t)shirt with larger neckline, but sometimes, mostly during premieres or events, Johnny wears his shirt with the first bottoms open.
The last time we
could see his collarbone area was during the “Waiting for the Barbarians” premiere
last September in Italy and during Aerosmith’s “Deuces are Wild” show in October
There’s a high probability that the tattoo was also done after the #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent “party” on twitter last February 2 as a way of showing
his innocence.
As we know, Johnny does not and cannot speak openly about the
case, but he slightly talks about it in different ways, such music lyrics,
jokes and tattoos. As he always said “my tattoos as specific moments in my life”
and he ink them on his skin as if he would do in a journal.
Johnny may never reveals the real meaning, but it doesn’t mean we can’t dig
down and look for unofficial ones:

>>  Meaning:

“Res Ipsa Loquitur”  is Latin for “The thing speaks for
 a Law doctrine that infers negligence
from the very nature of an accident or injury in the absence of direct evidence
on how any defendant behaved that causes a claimant to suffer:

– Loss or harm

– Emotional distress

– Negligence

– Financial losses

– Physical injuries

– Reputation Injuries

– Invasion of privacy and property

– Defamation

– Product liability

– and many other things.

As we know, ALL of these examples were caused to Johnny throughout the last years by Amber Heard. So, we can see that the tattoo is a direct answer to Ms. Heard’s Hoax
Case showing to the world that the facts and circumstances are so obvious, that there’s no need
to give further evidence or explanation about it.

In other
words: The plaintiff (Johnny) can create a rebuttable presumption of negligence
by the defendant (Amber) by proving that the harm would not ordinarily have
occurred without negligence, that the object that caused the harm was under the
defendant’s control (Amber’s control), and that there are no other plausible

Johnny has evidences, tons of evidences,
showing that he is the victim and NOT the abuser and it requires no further
explanation to show that Amber caused harm to him.

This is the
second tattoo directly related to the Hoax/Defamation Case, after the “SCAM” tattoo his right
knuckle above the middle finger (the same finger Ms. Heard cut off after
throwing a bottle of vodka) and both tattoos has the pretty similar font.

But this
sentence IS NOT something new in Johnny’s life
It has some other connections, maybe even working as a tribute, to his
late friend Hunter S. Thompson and his favorite character Captain Jack Sparrow:

>> Hunter S. Thompson.

As we
known, Johnny and Thompson had a really close friendship and the author used
to put the same phrase “Res ipsa loquitur” in his writings, and even in personal invitations.
This is one I took from Hunter S. Thompson’s 1988 book “Gonzo Papers, Vol. 2: Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the 80′s”.


On the same book, the phrase appears another two times.

>> Captain Jack Sparrow:

In “Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World’s End (2007)”, Johnny as Captain Jack
Sparrow used the same phrase during the “The Brethren Court” sequence at
1h 42 minutes into the movie, in a monologue about either or
not release Calypso and fight.

Captain Hector Barbossa: If you have a better alternative,
please, share.

Captain Jack Sparrow: Cuttlefish.
Aye?  Let us not, dear friends, forget
our dear friends the cuttlefish.
Flippant, glorious, little sausages. Pen ‘em up together and they’ll devour
each other without a second thought. Human nature, isn’t it?… Or….or fish
nature. So yes, we could hole up here well provisioned and well-armed and half
of us would be dead within the month, which seems grim to me any way you slice
it. Or… As my learned colleague so naively suggests, we could release Calypso,
and we can pray that she will be merciful. I rather doubt it. Can we in fact
pretend that she is anything other than a woman scorned, like which fury hell
hath, no? We cannot. Res ipsa loquitur
tabula in naufragio
, we are left with but one option. I agree with, and I
cannot believe the words are comin’ out of me mouth…Hmm… Captain Swann. We must


This is not a simple tattoo.

This is a reminder of what he suffered and how painful was this path until he finally proved, and make people recognize, that he is a victim.

 Johnny Depp will not be silenced. Res ipso loquitur.


“Truth does not have a gender.”

silence of many media outlets surrounding recent revelations in a certain high
profile deformation case, is a disgraceful indication of the endemic hypocrisy
in our current cultural climate when dealing with male victims of domestic
violence. These media outlets, who purport to stand up for victims, do no such
thing. Instead, they peddle their agendas and those of their advertisers
regardless of facts, choosing for business and other reasons to disseminate
hearsay and factually discredited rumour over evidence provided it fits their
narrative. In doing so, they conveniently ignore that a position of power and
privilege was used to exploit an important cultural movement and the real abuse
victims they purport to represent. The annihilation of an innocent and decent
individual’s reputation in the process is acceptable collateral damage. The
shame is theirs.

That said, we, as a society, all need to improve. We need to be honest and
fair. We must not jump to tabloid-driven conclusions. We must court reason and
parity.  And as someone recently stated,
truth does not have a gender.”

A message from Stephen Deuters – writer, producer, Johnny’s friend and  assistant.


“The truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the other side of the roaring rapids. I hope other people will too” – Johnny Depp.

On this
day, February 3, an important event should be happening: The beginning of the Johnny vs. Amber
Heard Trial.

In June 27, 2019, a Virginia judge had set the date for February 3, 2020 and
estimated to last 12 days. Later, in November 26, was announced that the date had to be changed for August 3, 2020 with expectation to last 3 weeks.
Amber Heard’s Team accused Johnny’s Team of “failing to produce key evidence as
part of legal discovery”
and also claimed that she “has not received essential
… Meanwhile, Amber Heard who claimed to be a victim and who suffered for
her life, tried dozens of times to dismiss the case, keep it private and tried to
move the case from Virginia to California
, because the Virginia Court is known
for taking its cases very seriously. And in her case she would probably face
perjury due to her lies about not hitting Johnny, which is a lie she confessed
during the last audio evidence.

Johnny was betrayed for his ex-legal team who HID EVIDENCES and
helped Ms. Heard on her hoax, but, Johnny and his team was able to work hard
throughout these years to prove his innocence gathering hundreds of evidences
to prove who the real abuser is.

To be
precisely, it was revealed last year that Johnny has more than 3,600 PAGES OR IMAGES,
against 870 by Ms. Heard. And her documents can be even smaller, because it was
also revealed that she broke up text message exchanges to produce as a single
standalone document and raise the amount of her “evidences”. Dozens of requested documents wasn’t even given by her and her lawyers…

said “Ms. Heard has not received essential discovery to which she is
clearly entitled. As a result, Ms. Head cannot appropriately prepare expert
witness and expert disclosures, cannot fully examine or impeach out-of-state
witness who are not willing to voluntarily testify in Virginia, and cannot
otherwise mount a fair defense within the relatively short time remaining…” 

It’s been almost 5 F*CKING YEARS that Johnny has been in this hell.
During all these years people cancelled Johnny, boycotted, belittled, mocked
and tried to make him the abuser.
During all these years we’ve been trying to spread the truth, showing
evidences, and making posts and videos to tell that Johnny is a victim.
During all these years, most people didn’t even know how much Johnny suffered
and still kept calling names.

So, if you didn’t know, or still have doubts about what is going on, these are some of the atrocities that Johnny suffered throughout these years:

(Every line has a link for a further explanation and actual proof.)

> Johnny Depp was
PUNCHED on his face for being late.


Johnny Depp had his
belongings (wallet and cellphone) THROWN by the window of his penthouse. 


Johnny Depp had his
bed POOPED with feces as a “prank”. 


Johnny Depp had his


Johnny Depp was HIT


Johnny Depp had his


Johnny Depp had to
pass for 3 SURGERIES to re-attach his finger.





Johnny Depp had his forehead HIT with the CORNER OF A DOOR

Johnny was HIT by
pots, pans and vases thrown by Amber Heard. 


Johnny Depp was HIT by
a can of red bull on his back


Johnny Depp was
PUNCHED on his jaw.


Johnny Depp was


on his eye


Johnny Depp had his


Johnny Depp was called
“DRAMATIC” by Amber Heard on Court after being hit several times.

> Johnny Depp was called a  “BABY”, “TO GROW THE F*CK UP” by Amber Heard for running away
from her aggression.


Johnny Depp was
REPEATEDLY INSULTED by Amber Heard who said: “your career is over”, “no one is
going to hire you”, “you’re washed up”, “fat”, and “you will die a lonely man”.


Johnny Depp was
CHEATED at least TWICE during their relationship. Amber Heard did it with Elon Musk and James Franco, who wants to keep his words in private.


Johnny Depp had
evidences HID for 3 years by his own team who were secretly representing Elon
Musk while Johnny was being cheated on


 Johnny Depp was
DROPPED from his role on “Pirates of the Caribbean” days after she published
her piece in the Washington Post in 2018.


Johnny Depp was almost
HIT by a purse during her aggression


Johnny Depp was SPAT on
his face.


Johnny Depp had his
HAIR PULLED several times. 


Johnny Depp was
CLAWED, TUGGED and AGGRESSIVELY PULLED by Amber during a fight. 



Johnny Depp had his
art supplies THROWN outside around his house. 


Johnny Depp used to
run away because she used to HIT him while
his children and friends were in his house. 


Johnny Depp RECEIVED
by Amber’s father, who said he’d shot Johnny after his divorce
with Amber which led him lost Johnny’s money to produce his film.


Amber Heard was caught
with NO BRUISES in videos and photos. 


Amber Heard LIED
 and FAKED EVIDENCES under oath. 


Amber Heard tried to
“TAKE ADVANTAGE” on Johnny’s mechanic. 


Amber Heard’s parents
exchange messages with Johnny and DIDN’T SHOW ANY ANGRINESS TOWARD HIM, but
were worried about the money and KNEW about the Hoax. 


Amber Heard CONFESSED had HIT Johnny Depp. 


Amber Heard MOCKED of
Johnny, also mocking of the people who suffer abuses.

> DOZENS of witnesses told UNDER OATH that they didn’t saw ANY mark(s) on Amber’s body.

> Two L.A. Police officers DIDN’T SEE ANY BRUISE on her face or destruction in their apartment.

> Johnny Depp has more than 3,600 PAGES OR IMAGES as evidences.

> Johnny Depp has at least 89 SECURITY CAMERAS FOOTAGE.

And the list goes on…


“You didn’t get punched. You got hit. I’m sorry I hit you like this. But I did not punch you. I did not f*cking deck you. I f*cking was hitting you.” – Amber Heard (ambassador for women’s rights, outspoken domestic violence and sexual violence awareness)



#JusticeForJohnnyDepp: The Power of TRUTH!

It’s been almost 20 hours that the hashtag spread across the world through Twitter.
The party started yesterday (February 1), after Amber Heard ADMITTED in an audio to had HIT Johnny Depp. Not only admitted as she mocked him for running away of her abuses towards him and admitted had lied and hit Johnny with different objects throughout their relationship. 
The confession of her abuses perjures herself who UNDER OATH told on court that she NEVER hit Johnny.

The audio released by Dailymail and fully released on Youtube by Brian McPherson, spread really fast across the world making people FINALLY open their eyes and see that during all these years Johnny Depp was the victim.

People finally could hear from Amber Heard’s own mouth her confessions of abuses. Could hear that the person most people were defending is full of angriness, screaming towards Johnny, and confessing that she “can’t promise” that their relationship will all be perfect.

“I can’t promise you I won’t get physical again. God I f**king sometimes I get so mad I lose it.” – Amber Heard.

The same woman who screamed to Johnny, called him a “baby”, told to “grow the f*ck up” is the same woman who is an ambassador for women’s rights, outspoken domestic violence and sexual violence awareness.
She is the same person who was “fearing for her life” but during the audio never talks about the alleged abuses, never shows fear, sadness or wants to tell what happened. During all time she mocks and keeps attacking Johnny Depp.

The World finally saw the Monster.
Finally saw and heard the truth.
Most people didn’t even know how much Johnny suffered mentally and physically during all these years. How he was betrayed, cheated, almost died and had his career almost destroyed.
Most people believed in her words, now knows who she really is.

But here we are. After all theses years, The truth was spread.


During the last 20 hours, since the beginning of the #JusticeForJohnnyDepp on twitter, at least 51 countries in all continents joined the party, tweeting and spreading the truth ans support more than 434 thousand times.
And guess what! It’s not over. The hashtag is still on in dozens of countries.

This is for Johnny Depp, and for all of the people who were a victim sometime in their lives. For all the women and men who suffered on these abusers’ hands.
Neither Johnny, nor them will be silent.

These are the countries, by order and not amount of tweets, who showed support for Johnny: 
Ps. Some countries do not have access to twitter and in some countries it didn’t reach a higher amount of tweets, like Japan, But even there were some tweets.

1. Algeria
2. Argentina
3. Australia
4. Belarus
5. Belgium
6. Brazil
7. Canada
8. Chile
9. Colombia
10. Dominican Republic
11. Ecuador
12. Egypt
13. France
14. Germany
15. Ghana
16. Greece
17. Guatemala
18. India
19. Indonesia
20. Ireland
21. Italy
22. Kenya
23. Kuwait
24. Lebanon
25. Malaysia
26. Mexico
27. Netherlands
28. New Zealand
29. Nigeria
30. Norway
31. Pakistan
32. Panama
33. Peru
34. Philippines
35. Poland
36. Puerto Rico
37. Russia
38. Saudi Arabia
40. Singapore
41. South Africa
42. Spain
43. Sweden
44. Switzerland
45. Thailand
46. Turkey
47. Ukraine
48. United Arab Emirates
49. United Kingdom
50. United States
51. Venezuela

Johnny is aware of each of you. Thank you for your support!

“I can’t promise that it will all be
perfect. I can’t promise you I won’t get physical again. God I f**king sometimes I get so mad I lose
it.” – Amber Heard.

[NEWS] Amber Heard ADMITS to hitting Johnny Depp and
pelting him with pots, pans and vases in an explosive audio confession obtained
exclusively by DailyMail!

[Trigger Warning] Today, January 31, The DailyMail obtained an audio where Amber Heard
CONFESSED her acts of violence towards Johnny, during one of numerous two-hour
‘therapy’ session in 2015. The audio was recorded CONSENSUALLY on Heard’s cell
phone and supplied to by a well-placed source.

On the audio above, we can CLEARLY listen during 3 minutes and 24 seconds, to
an angry and altered Ms. Heard screaming to a calm and peacefully Johnny as she
admits “to hitting” and not “punch” Johnny as well pelting him with pots, pans
and even vases.
Although Johnny tries to explain what was happening, Ms. Heard ALL THE TIME
keeps acting as an abuser, shouting, lying, not defending herself, belittling acts of violence suggesting
that “hit” and “punch” are not the same, mocking that Johnny always leaves when
she is angry as if she wanted him to fight back and when he protects him or
avoids her, she turns it in his act of violence towards her…
Ms. Heard ADMITTED that she is the one who start the physical fights, and
although Johnny stills wants to have a love life with her, she can’t promise
that everything will be perfect nor be aggressive again.
If just these few minutes reveal a lot of lies, imagine
what the several more tapes filled with promising further bombshells must have. 

You can hear the full audio
with no bleeps on the “Incredibly Average” channel on Youtube.

[Part of the transcript of what Amber Heard told Johnny Depp during the two-hour
therapy session:]

Johnny Depp: I’m not going be in a
physical f**king altercation with you. 

Amber Heard: Don’t. Then don’t. 

JD: You f**king hit me last night. You f**king… 

AH: What about all the other times you split*? C’mon you cannot act
like that’s about that. 
[Ps. “Split”
stands for “to run away, to escape, to leave the scene]

JD: Well on a plane, I can’t split. 

AH: No, and you hit back. So don’t act like you don’t f**king

JD: I pushed you. 

AH: I’m not going to get into the
details of that fight. You and I both
know that you split when there is no physical violence involved and that you do
like at the very beginning of
fights these days.
And if you split and
you go into a different room and you don’t actually leave that house, it
does nothing but perpetuate the fight and you don’t actually do it

JD: You were f**king screaming at me. 

AH: I’m not going to validate my actions last night. I feel very bad about
what I did.

JD: No, I’m talking about Toronto. 

AH: I did not start screaming until
you had f**king said all the s**t – you poke an animal enough, it is
eventually, it doesn’t matter how friendly it is, it’s not cool. 

JD: That’s not true. It’s the same
for me… it’s the same for me. 

AH: I stayed cool for so long and
you kicked and kicked and kicked. 

JD: I need the same things but when
you start flipping out, and I can’t get a word in, and it’s manic and angry,
what the f**k Amber? 

AH: I get angry. I’m human. This is the kind of situation when one gets

JD: Just try. Let’s both try. If there’s anger, if there’s something
really, really poking us in the a** let’s try not to f**king fight.
Try to
address it without jumping down each other’s throats because all that’s gonna
do is build a mountain of f**king, uh, resentment, some species of f**king

AH: You take me for granted. 

JD: It’s not true. It’s not true. I’m not the one who throws pots and
whatever the f**king else at me.

AH: That’s different. That’s different. One does not negate the other. That’s irrelevant. That’s a complete non
sequitur. Just because I’ve thrown pots
and pans does not mean you cannot come and knock on my door.

JD: Vases and f**king… 

AH: Just because there are vases does not mean that you come and knock on
the door.

JD: Really, I should just let you throw? 

AH: No, I’m not saying that. You’re
saying that. You’re putting words in my mouth. 

JD: The only time I ever threw anything at you was when you f**king threw
the cans at me in Australia.

AH: Why are you trying to justify who throws things based on whether or
not you come knocking on the door? I don’t get why one informs the other. 

JD: Because that is a f**king
irrational and violent f**king maneuver. So a man would want to get out of that
area so that he doesn’t get so f**king angry that he actually does pop the
f**king wife. 

JD: You’re just afraid that the truth will come out. 

AH: What truth? 

JD: That you lied. No, I said to you, tell Travis* what you just did, did
you punch me in the f**king jaw.
[Ps. Travis McGivern was Johnny’s security guard]

AH: What are you f**king talking about? I didn’t f**king even have a
f**king thing to lie about. What are you f**king talking to? Every f**king
fight. There’s a new thing that you’ve convinced yourself there’s a lie. 

JD: No, I said to you, “Amber, tell Travis what you just did”. Did you just
f**king did you punch me in the f**king jaw? Did you f**king kick? Did you? Did
you? And you wouldn’t say a f**king, you said I don’t know what you’re talking
about. I never f**king, it never f**king happened.

AH: I see the lie. I see the lie. You should really run with this. In
fact maybe you and Travis can like, go and like do a-tell about a, you know an
investigative study. 

JD: Listen, I was not high. You lied
your a** off. 

AH: You’re f**king full of s**t. 

JD: You lied your a** off. 

AH: What conversation did I have
with Travis, big, big investigative study you’ve done. I’m not sitting here
fighting with you about the fight that we had last night. 

JD: No, I was in a situation with you. After you physically f**king got
violent with me, I texted Travis, I said come up here, because I didn’t want
anything to happen.

AH: I know, come and save me. 

JD: Come and what, save me? 

AH: No, go ahead, continue, Travis
to the rescue. 

JD: No, that was the last one. You
can go, ah, you can go. That was the last insult. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [HERE STARTED THE AUDIO]

AH: Oh yeah, you called me a liar, and yet, yet… 

JD: I watched you lie. 

AH: You called me a liar. 

JD: I watched you lie. I heard that. I was f*cking there. 

AH: You’re full of s**t. You
still haven’t told me what lie it is.

JD: We’ll talk to Travis… 

AH: You do this every single f**king time. 

JD: We’ll talk to Travis… 

AH: I’m not f**king talking to
F**k that. You go f**king j**k, go j**k him off. I don’t care. I
really could care less. It’s you every single f**king time, you latch onto some
sort of thing. I already told you. I
don’t know what you’re f**king talking about.
You don’t even know what
you’re talking about. You still haven’t
even told me what it is,
but run with it. You run with it.

JD: I have told you what it is. 

AH: No you haven’t. 

JD: I said to Travis, I said, no, I said to you, “hey, tell Travis what just happened”. 

AH: Oh, you told me to do it. You
told me to. You said “go do that”

JD: I said tell no, “Tell him what just happened”. 

AH: And I lied! 

JD: And that you, that you, punched
me in the f**king thing.

AH: You’re right! You figured it
all out!

JD: In the face. And you said, “no
I f**king didn’t. What the f**k are you talking about?” And I watched you lie.

AH: I didn’t punch you. I didn’t
punch you, by the way.

JD: You punched me. 

AH: I’m sorry that I didn’t, uh,
uh, hit you across the face in a proper slap, but I was hitting you, it was not
punching you. Babe, you’re not punched.

JD: Don’t tell me what it feels like to be punched! 

AH: I know, you’ve been in a lot of fights, been around a long time. I
know, I know. Yeah.

JD: No! When you have a f**king
closed fist.

AH: You didn’t get punched. You
got hit. I’m sorry I hit you like this. But I did not punch you. I did not
f**king deck you. I f**king was hitting you.

JD: You can’t deck me. 

AH: I don’t know what the motion
of my actual hand was, but you’re fine, I did not hurt you, I did not punch
you, I was hitting you.

JD: How are your toes? 

AH: What am I supposed to do, do this? 

JD: How are your toes? 

AH: I’m not sitting here b***hing about it am I, you are. 

JD: Oh, your poor toes. 

AH: That’s the difference between me and you, you’re a f**king baby. 

JD: Because you start physical


JD: Because you start physical

AH: I did start a physical fight. 

JD: Yeah, you did. So I had to
get the f**k out of there.

AH: Yes, you did, so you did the
right thing.
The big thing, the, you know what? You are admirable. Every
single time, what, what’s your excuse, when there’s not a physical fight,
what’s your excuse then? You’re still being admirable, right, by running away?
And you can sit here and call me names, but you get called a name and what do
you do – ‘that’s the last insult!’ You’re
a baby. You’re a hypocrite. You don’t do anything that you actually do. You
expect from people what you can’t give them.
If they do something a taste
of it to you, you f**king lose it. But yet you dish it out.

JD: I left last night. Honestly, I swear to you because I just
couldn’t take the idea of more physicality, more physical abuse on each other
because I had, we continued it.
It would have gotten f**king bad. And baby,
I told you this once. I’m scared to death we are a f**king crime scene right
now. If we don’t get our s**t together by getting our s**t together, that might
mean f**king a, we do this and we make it. That might mean… Goddamn. You know,
you say I’ve tried and done to Lou, but we’ve got to get our s**t together as
individuals and as a couple.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [HERE ENDED THE AUDIO – but it continues]

JD: Because I love you and I do not want to leave you. I do not want to
divorce, I do not want you out of my life. I just want peace.

JD: If things get physical, we have to separate. We have to be apart
from one another. Whether it’s for f**king an hour or 10 hours or f**king a
day. We must, there can be no physical violence towards each other. 

AH: I agree about the physical violence, but separating for a day, taking a
night off from our marriage?

JD: All I’m saying is we need to
take whatever time we need you. You need, I need, to kind of let things settle
for a minute. So that we don’t f**king kill each other or f**king worse, you
know, f**king really kill each other or f**king break up or whatever. 

JD: If the fight escalates to the
point of where it’s just insulting for both of us, uh, or if it gets to that
physical f**king s**t, the violence, that’s when we just said, look, let’s go
to our corners, man, you hang wherever you want, baby. I’m going in the office
and I’m just gonna f**king sit there and try and de-jellify my f**king brain. 

AH: I can’t promise that it will all be perfect. I can’t promise you I
won’t get physical again.
God I
f**king sometimes I get so mad I lose it.
I can f**king promise you I will
do everything to change. I promise you. I’m not going to throw around divorce I
not say divorce unless I really mean it. 

JD: I love you and I want you to be my wife. And I want to be your husband.
And I wanna be a good husband. If I haven’t been, I’ll do everything I can to
find out how to be a good husband.


“The truth will always catch up… and the truth will be a b*tch” – Johnny Depp (May 27, 2016)


“The truth will always catch up… and the truth
will be a b*tch” –
Johnny Depp (May 27, 2016)

“EXTORTION, NOT ABUSE, was the true motive of Heard’s hoax against Johnny Depp!”

December 19 and 20, the site “The Blast” obtained text messages that were
exchanged between Johnny and Ms. Heard’s Parents, Paige and David on May 27,
the day Amber Heard went to the Court in Los Angeles seeking for a restraining
order and showing an “injury” on her face.
The texts above were obtained by Brian McPherson and released last January 2 in a MUST WATCH new video on his channel “Incredibly Average” on Youtube. (Thank you so much for your hard work Brian!)

The images above are screen-caps, from the video which I just edited to look better and complete for those here on Tumblr.

So, Let’s talk about it (As usual, I’m sorry for the long post, but IT IS necessary)

> First, some notes about some things on the messages:

A) The
FIRSTS messages presented from David and Paige are from May 21. The following messages are from the May 27.

B) Johnny
talking to Paige he was installing hearing aides for the deaf in May 27 is a
fact. On that day, Johnny and the Hollywood vampires were at “Starkey Hearing
Foundation Hearing Mission” in Lisbon, Portugal
. On the same day they played on
Rock in Rio Lisboa.

C) About
the Australian case Johnny is referring, maybe there are two possibilities:
That case with the dogs or the case she cut Johnny’s finger.
At that time,
Johnny probable tried to protect Ms. Heard, but somehow the case in Australia may still remain open (Maybe even them suspects that there’s something wrong…)

D) The two
witnesses Johnny is referring are his bodyguards.

E) When
Johnny said “rocky comes to the rescue”,
he is referring to Raquel Pennington, Ms. Heard’s friend.

F) For
non-English speakers, Paige writing “Friggin(g)”
is a “polite”/alternate replacement for the word “f*cking.”

G) Paige
talking that was “lawyers on both sides”
can be a match to the fact that Johnny’s ex-lawyers were betraying him hiding
evidences for years

> Now let’s talk about some things…

> IF the alleged assault was real, and as
Ms. Heard CONFESSED under oath that she talked to her parents, most with her
mother since the beginning that Johnny assaulted her, why – again in capital
letters – WHY IN THE WORLD they seem so calm and still talking so “friendly”
with Johnny?

shouts, avoids replying or said bad things to Johnny IN ANY FREAKING MOMENT!
Guys, everyone knows that the first thing a mother or a father, or a close
family member, would do if their daughter or loved one suffered something so
badly that made her “fearful of her life”, is literally hunt, even in person, the
one who did it to her or, at least, go to a police station.
Did it happen to Johnny?

As usual,
Johnny was the same lovely guy texting to them as he receives the same “love” back…
and detail: The WHOLE conversations were happening just few hours before an
important show. Johnny and Paige were talking until, literally, he went on stage
to play at Rock in Rio Lisbon.

BUT was their “friendly” messages such as “I
still love you man”,
“I love you son”
or even the “I think if you’ll allowed me
to – I’ll just adopt you”
and the odd “Can
I be your adopted mom”
(that although
can be seen as “an act of love” or “pity”, it’s also TOO SOON to talk about
once Johnny’s mother had passed away a week earlier that day)
or even “Ms.
Heard’s suicide thoughts”
real, or just a tentative to make Johnny think twice
and talk to Ms. Heard to reconcile, even with the restraining order? 
Oh, and talking about it, brings
another question:

> Did they know what “Restraining Order” is
supposed to mean?
Throughout the conversation, they are almost begging
to Johnny to talk to Ms. Heard, but they “seem” to be forgotten that if he did
it, he would be punished. Her parents made suggestions such as
try to make Johnny talk to his or her lawyers to do it and “advising” to use
other people’s phone to talk, although Johnny explained her in every detail
that neither he or Ms. Heard can’t do it. 

> Was Ms. Heard’s parents concerned about
her daughter or about her (and possible their) money?

Ms. Heard told her parents about Johnny’s alleged “abuses”, it didn’t meant anything to them, until they see that they relationship didn’t have a way back…
One good example of it is, on the day and weeks after the alleged assault happened, Ms. Heard dad, David, didn’t say nothing, but later, it was revealed by David Killackey, who worked
for Johnny as mechanic on his cars and restored and customized Ms.
Heard’s car on the TV show “Overhaulin’”, that Ms. Heard dad “became very
towards Johnny after their divorce, even threatening to shot Johnny as saying: 

“That f*cking piece of sh*t is f*cking me too
because I’m supposed to get 10% of the money and without it I can’t produce the
movie I was gunna make!”
“He is ruining my baby girl’s career and blackballing
her in Hollywood.”
“And when I get to him I’m going to beat the sh*t out of
him” and “I’m from Texas, and men from Texas carry 45’s and Johnny is going to
meet the f*cking end of mine!”

Once again,
the fact of her daughter (who also tried to sexually hit on David Killackey while he was showing her car) had “suffered for her life” during the alleged assault(s) was
“forgotten” and the money kept being the main interest. 

> Why are they so worried with the possibility of Amber Heard finding the messages?

David: “I sure
hope you don’t mention to her that we’ve talked it after we had that good talk
to you”
“I got a message from her that if i ever talk to you again should never speak
to me again”
Paige: “Please, delete our
“Please, don’t pass this on if you ever talk to Amber again”.  
“Don’t use what I’ve told you from my hear against me”

Was they
scared of some kind of retaliation coming from her own daughter? BOTH mother and father revealed that they
feared that if she found out that they were having these conversations; it
would end their relationship with their daughter. But why would it happen if
Ms. Heard is the victim and the only thing her parents were doing was defending
her and trying to convince Johnny to talk to her?
Was Ms. Heard angry because her parents were talking to the “abuser” or angry
because her parents could talk too much? Did she forbid them to talk to
Johnny to prevent her Hoax to fail? Once she and her mother, as David said,
were “talking a lot”, maybe Paige was the most worried because she ended up revealing
that the Hoax was real and scared of how it would affect her family. The same
reaction came from her father when he said “if
maybe you said something to her that made her think that I told you something
that I shouldn’t have or something I shouldn’t have”.










> Johnny Depp’s lawyer speaks about the texts:

Adam Waldman said, “Amber Heard’s own parents acknowledged in
writing that EXTORTION, NOT ABUSE,
was the true motive of Heard’s hoax against Johnny Depp.” “This stunning new
evidence also brings into better focus the motives of Ms. Heard’s perjurious
co-conspirators who all claimed seeing mythical bruises the week of May 21,
2016, that 4 police officers, 33 sworn eyewitnesses, 87 surveillance tapes, and
evidence that keeps on coming all prove to be an unambiguous lie. Ms. Heard’s
freeloading co-conspirators ALL had keys and ALL lived rent-free in those same
Johnny Depp penthouses Amber Heard’s parents said her “friggin lawyers”
warned her she would lose.”

> Ms. Heard Lawyer defends:

On the
other side, Ms. Heard lawyer, Roberta Kaplan keep telling that Johnny’s team
leaked documents that Ms. Heard Team didn’t even have and were looking “forward
to litigating (and winning) this case with admissible evidence and sworn
testimony in court, not in the media.”. BUT on the same day the messages were
posted by “The Blast”, Ms. Heard tried AGAIN to dismiss the case…

> About the death threats to Johnny:

Killackey also reported David Heard threatens to Johnny’s lawyer and a deputy
sheriff homicide detective.


Do you still have doubts about who is the abuser and who is the victim?

> [The Blast] Amber Heard’s Father Accused Of Threatening To Shoot Johnny Depp + Amber Heard’s harassment towards her and Johnny’s mechanic.
> [The Blast] Johnny Depp Text Messages With Amber Heard’s Parents Revealed.

[The Blast]


Amber Heard’s Mom Texted Johnny Depp “I Love You, Son” After Alleged Domestic Violence


[Video]  Amber’s Parents Sided With Johnny? – NEW TEXTS & EVIDENCE!!


here we go again… Trial postponed in 6 MONTHS!

(Ps. This is, as usual, a long post, talking about the change on the trial’s date, some new information about the case and also a concern about how this is going to affect pretty hard Johnny’s schedule. I think is worthy to read… Take a deep breath, and get ready…)

So, it was decided that Johnny and Ms. Heard’s trial, previously set to happen next February 3, 2020, had
its date changed for August 3, 2020 with expectation to last 3 weeks, finishing sometime close to August 24, 2020 (Ps. Keep these dates on mind, because, in the end, you’ll see the importance of it). The
delay was granted to Ms. Heard after accusing Johnny of “failing to produce key evidence as part of legal discovery”  and
also claiming that she “has not received
essential discovery”… 
 But wait WHAT!?

For NEARLY THREE YEARS Johnny was betrayed for his
ex-legal team who HID EVIDENCES and
helped Ms. Heard on her hoax, but, even though, Johnny and his team was able to
work hard throughout these years to prove his innocence gathering hundreds of
evidences to prove who the real abuser is.
To be precisely, it was revealed that Johnny has 3,652 PAGES OR IMAGES, against 870
by Ms. Heard
. And her documents can be even smaller, because it was also
revealed that she broke up text message exchanges to produce as a single standalone
document… HA! It brought me funny memories…
Do you remember when we were little and the teacher used to ask us to write an
essay/composition and some of us used to write in large letters to fit the amount of lines necessary, and
finish as soon as possible, because most of us – at that time – was pretty annoyed
or a little bit lazy, or had a lack of imagination?? So she is doing the same
thing nowadays.

Along with the lack of pages to defend herself, ANY drafts of OR
communications regarding her “Washington Post” defamatory Op-Ed, ANY communications about her seeking a
temporary restraining orders in May 2016 in connection to their divorce, OR documents relating to her physical
assaults against Johnny and others, OR
medical records concerning her supposed abuse or Health Insurance Portability
and Accountability (a law designed to
provide privacy standards to protect patients’ medical records and other health
information provided to health plans, doctors, hospitals and other health care
requested weeks ago, were given.
So, didn’t she, during all these years, contribute giving any documents? No, she did. But again, it’s
RIDICULOUS to say that Johnny “failed to
produce evidence”,
when she didn’t even produce hers and when she finally has,
she comes TOO LATE for the depositions.
As her OWN TEAM said “Ms. Heard has not
received essential discovery to which she is clearly entitled. As a result, Ms.
Head cannot appropriately prepare expert witness and expert disclosures, cannot
fully examine or impeach out-of-state witness who are not willing to
voluntarily testify in Virginia, and cannot otherwise mount a fair defense
within the relatively short time remaining…” 
oh Come on! What the hell were you doing during all this time!?

** Below: Second page of Ms. Heard motion to delay the trial. Check the full version HERE.


While Ms. Heard and her team claims that Johnny has no
evidence, they proved e-mails, text messages, photos, documents, 89 SECURITY FOOTAGE VIDEOS showing that
in the days after the alleged assault on May 21, 2016, making AGAIN
consistent with ALL the testimonies who saw Ms. Heard on the building, like police and their neighbor.

Wasn’t she the one to prove her innocence? So why are
she so afraid to go to court, AGAIN. And also, this excuse of “Oh, we are close
to Christmas season, witness are ‘unwilling’ to produce depositions during December, and blah, blah, blah, boo-hoo”
, it’s a complete bullsh*it, because she and her team asked Paul Bettany
and Jerry Bruckheimer for deposition and subpoena, next December 2 and 4.

Facts are facts, guys, she is out of control, has
nothing to prove and again has more time to keep her hoax on.


Next year, it will complete the FOURTH anniversary of
this hoax, and if you think this case are on the right tracks, think again,
because it’s as clear as the noonday sun

that this is another movement to destroy
him. Do you want another proof? 
Remember when I said in the beginning of this post to keep the date August 3/August 24 on mind, so, this delay hits directly not only Johnny (and his movies
schedule, probable including Fantastic Beasts 3)
, but his friends, fans and all of the people involved on the upcoming
Hollywood Vampires tour
If you check Johnny’s schedule, the Hollywood Vampires first show is already
set to happen in August 15, 2020, precisely
during the trial! This trial requests throughout these days that both teams are
on court for a full detailed hearing, and for being a really important trial it’s highly probable that Johnny will chose to be close of his team. If so, there’s NO choice to Johnny, so he will probably going to cancel his (not the other Vampires) performance during these days, because the trial is set to happen in Virginia, USA, while the show starts in Germany. It’s unknown how this is going to
affect Johnny’s schedule, but although Johnny respect all of his fans, we have to keep in mind and understand that whatever comes next in August, related to the shows, we have to accept. It’s a HUGE decision to make and although it’s too soon to think about it, and for information coming from his side, let’s stay tuned for news.

To finish this post, let’s remember that the reason
given for the delay, or “continuance of the trial”, is “good cause shown by
both sides” and we all know that the “good cause” it’s on JOHNNY’S SIDE, because he
is the only one fighting and proving his innocence.
Also, today it’s Thanksgiving Day and should be a day to enjoy a happy day
with family and friends and planning to buy some Black Friday stuff, but there’s
always something trying to block his and our joy. But, deep down I am still  thankful for Johnny and his team for being so
brave fighting against those who wants to destroy him and for showing his innocence, as well all of his fans , DeppHeads, and
supporters who are spreading the truth and sending good vibes. Thank you all for everything.






On this day, November 9, we celebrate the beginning of Johnny Depp’s career as actor
with the release of “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, his first movie, released 35
years ago!
Johnny never wanted to be an actor. He just wanted to follow his music dream, have a family, some money and live his life, but look at him now! 56 years old, 35 of career, with his dreams came true, and day after day keep rocking
our world!
I bet neither he believes how far he has come, how many lives he has changed,
how many people he brought (and still brings) a lot happiness. How many people
he influenced for the better, teaching to share love, compassion, the good, to keep on trying and to not give up even in the
darkest hours…

Thank you
so much Johnny, for being this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G human being, for being strong, for
keep fighting, acting, singing and doing all these amazing things!
I wish you all the best things of the world; a lot of health, comfort, love, blesses,
happiness and strength to keep making a lot of movies, commercials, interviews
and music throughout your life.
Can’t wait for what coming next!

You are and



Makes me wanna hug him! ❤️

Never forget, Johnny! You are loved and we believe you!


Johnny as

J. M. Barrie in Finding Neverland (2004).