Sad news…
 Johnny’s friend and bodyguard, Jerry Judge, sadly passed away today…

Jerry was more than a bodyguard or security for Johnny. He was someone who Johnny had a major respect, and even had many fans who also like him for his work and used to see him a father figure for Johnny. For being a bodyguard, most of his personal information is unknown, even how many years had he been protecting Johnny, his friends and family.
Some believes that he was on Johnny’s side for at least 15 years, since he was on his security team during the “The Libertine” filming, back to 2004; seen briefly during the “Finding Neverland” premiere in London in 2004 and also during “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” premiere in 2005.
Jerry also worked as actor and even collaborated with Johnny, in 2007 as one of the victims of Sweeney Todd.

As almost all the security guards, Jerry was someone serious, yet he was someone friendly who loved to work. He was always 100% focused on Johnny and used to be really aware of everything. He used to control how many time Johnny had to attend his fans, check all the possibility and suspicious people around him and making the most to Johnny attend everyone with security. He also used to take Johnny for fans that need some care and couldn’t be in the crowd. That’s why when we used to see Johnny autographing or taking photos he was never worried, because he had a great man protecting him.
He also was one of the people in Johnny’s team that arranged his daily routines, such as meet and greets, flights, go to a set to film, or follow him to wherever Johnny wanted to go, even if it’s just to play in bar in the middle of the night.
Sometimes, he used to literally grab Johnny by his arm to keep moving, and Johnny obeyed, but sometimes he sneaked to attend some other fans, and there used to go a worried Jerry behind him.

More than Johnny’s bodyguard, Jerry was also managing director of Music & Arts Security Ltd in London, with dozen of employees who protects celebrities, politicians, and some other personalities. He had plenty of experience protecting Hollywood’s top stars, such as Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas and Julia Roberts.

More than Johnny’s bodyguard, Jerry also not a “typical” bodyguard or a “celebrity client”. He was a HUGE friend, his confidant, and one of the people who were defending Johnny against Ms. Amber about the “battered face” case. At that moment, Jerry had entered the couple’s apartment after Heard began screaming, and he said that he saw Johnny in the kitchen while Heard was on the couch in another room. He also said that during Johnny and Ms. Heard marriage, she was the one who regularly attacked Johnny.

But this is something that especially today, has a minor meaning for Johnny.
It’s unknown what happened to Jerry, and we must respect this moment. Losing a loyal friend, a right-hand-man, it’s like losing someone from his family, and Johnny knows this pain. He was a part of his family.

Protecting Johnny, and those around him, was his life, and now we know that he will be his guardian angel.

My most sincere condolences go out to his family, Johnny and friends in this sad moment.

May God give you the peace that you seek…

Rest in peace, Mr. Jerry Judge.
Thank you so much for your care, protection and your loyalty. You’ll be missed.

One year ago, on this day (April 4), Johnny’s friend and bodyguard, Jerry Judge, passed away…

Rest in peace.


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RIP Jerry Judge. One year without you   

Thank you for protecting and supporting Johnny Depp and his family for all those years, thank you for always being so kind to Deppheads and all the wonderful moments. We will always remember you. You are our hero!


Don’t go anywhere, guys.

Corona out there.


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